Big Dave's approach to Punched Bread.


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Sep 18, 2004
Fishing punch bread is one of my favorite methods during the autumn, winter (especially) and the spring.

Its cheap, clean and the results can be instantaneous and spectacular.

Preparing the punch feed

I use 2 basic mixes for my punch fishing, the only difference is in the ratios of frozen to unfrozen bread I use, and this is altered on the day for how well the fish are feeding.

I start by cutting the crusts off a couple of rounds of bread (preferably warbutons) leave them to dry out for a bit and putting them in a blender or food processor



after its had a quick whiz in the blender. it will at this stage it will still be quite a coarse blend


now bag this up and stick it in the freezer


Once it is frozen,take it out and give it another blast in the blender and finally riddle off any excess lumps (there should be hardly any though) and you should be left with a very fine blended mix. This is my basic mix but I will also blend some bread without the freezing, this gives you a much coarser mix, you can use this coarse mix when the fish are feeding better or add it to the fine mix bit by bit depending on how hungry the fish are or the temperature.

This can be stored in the fridge if youre using it the next day or back in the freezer for longer periods

This mix will hold together by just gently squeezing it, no water is needed to hold together, how hard you squeeze it alters how fast or slow it sinks and if you want to get the fish on the bottom or coming up in the can add aquarium gravel to it to make it sink even faster if your using it on flowing water and you dont want your feed spread out too much.



Preparing the hook bait

There is hardly any preparation needed for the hook bait, some people advocate putting it in the microwave or over a steaming kettle for a few seconds but Ive never felt this offered much difference in the long run, pick a decent bread and there is no need to go to such lengths, the same goes for rolling the bread before fishing

Keeping the bread in good condition to stay on the hook does take some thought, I take 2 slices of fresh bread, I like Warbatons medium sliced bread, I then cut the 2 slices into quarters and put it all in a seal able plastic bag, I keep these slices in my cool bag when im fishing and only take out 1 quarter at a time, leave the crusts on to help with slowing the bread drying out


You can though add some liquid flavours at this stage to the bag and give it a good shake so all the sides are covered I like to use scopex if skimmers are expected

Fishing the punch

After I have picked my swim and plumbed the depth I will then cup in a little tiny lightly squeezed ball of the punch feed, watch how the flow of the water effects the ball, look for any drifting and take note, alter the amount of squeeze you give your bread for how deep you want the fish to feed at, if you want to fish on the bottom then give it a good squeeze to make it sink quicker (if there is lots of drift or you are on a river you can add hemp or small bits of gravel to make it sink even faster), if you want to go up in the water just squeeze it lightly or sometimes not at all, just pour it loose from the pot.

I will then put in a tangerine sized ball of the feed and go in over the top straight away; I usually like to start about 1"off the deck, so I will use a fairly fine tipped float with a bulked shotting pattern, you can expect bites straight away but always be prepared to come up in the water or use a strung out shotting pattern especially if the puch is dispersing as it sinks.

I use the image bread punches, they have a good sharp head and are quite shallow in depth, so will compress the bread much better, put the bread on a nice hard surface and punch out a small pellet that matches the size of hook, I like to start on a size 20 and go up or down as the fish dictate, there are different sizes to use and i tend to start off on the 4 mm



i take my first quarter (ensuring the others are sealed in their bag) and punch a pellet of bread out, insert the hook into the slit of the punch and draw it up through the bread rather than going firstly through the bread and out of the slit. This will give you a nice little pellet sitting neatly on the bend of the hook



At the moment it is hard and compressed but as it goes into the water it will puff up and go all fluffy, totally concealing the hook



as you can see of this shot of it in the water it fluffs up nice and soft


Bites are usually instantaneous on the punch and this initial feed will catch you quite a few fish, if bites start to tail off you can add small nuggets of feed via a pole mounted cup to stimulate the fish again, you have to be careful and alter the amount and frequency of feed as bread is very filling, there are no hard and fast rules and you need to play it by ear most of the time.

You can also add hemp to your feed and when the bites tail off or stop on the punch go over the top with the same rig.


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Feb 22, 2008
Awsome post ! Thanks for taking the trouble, ...somebody buy that man a beer !


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Oct 11, 2009
Really silly question time[:I] when you say "Once it is frozen,take it out and give it another blast in the blender". Do i leave it to defrost 1st or blend it frozen, if so frozen its one large solid block do i need to break it somehow. I said it was a silly question lol.


Oct 15, 2008
I personally let it defrost then whizz it again in the blender, makes a much finer feed than normal punch


Oct 9, 2009
Originally posted by mastic

Really silly question time[:I] when you say "Once it is frozen,take it out and give it another blast in the blender". Do i leave it to defrost 1st or blend it frozen, if so frozen its one large solid block do i need to break it somehow. I said it was a silly question lol.
I think he means when its frozen, because if you let it defrost wouldn't be the same as if you didn't freeeze it at all. If the solid block doesn't fit in the blender, just break it into small enough blocks to fit in the blender with your hands or whatever.

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Jul 27, 2009
Excellent instructions and something nI'll be doing soon having just bought a set of Korum bread punches.


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Nov 22, 2003
Using the advice on this and Barryblokes thread caught me this lot:



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Jan 2, 2011
Would this work on carp puddles over the colder months and would it be just a case of increasing the punch size and amount of feed compared to on a canal?!



Jul 8, 2005
Ive started punch fishing recently and really enjoy it. What I want to know is, have you tried feeding a small amount of big maggots and hemp on the same line. Ive tried maggots and Ive tried Hemp but never both. I find both get me a few fish when it slows down a bit on the punch but wondered if using both might put them of the punch?Any ideas?

mick r

Mar 2, 2011
ive had some success fishing punch on commercials, on both pole and feeder/bomb. can get you bites in the winter months when other methods fail. i won back to back club knock ups during november on a local lake. this particular venue had a fair amount of resident wildfowl which attracted its share of mums and kids to feed them. so if bread goes into the lake theres every chance the fish eat what the swans dont. so i gave it a go with some success. another tip is to add a couple of table spoons of marvel to your crumb feed. this really gives off a great cloud as the feed breaks down which i was sure made a difference in colder clearer water, its also worth considering adding some hemp or even aquarium gravel to the crumb when fishing in 5ft or so of water. this ensures the feed gets to the bottom before it breaks down.

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Feb 2, 2012
Cracking advice - well put together post and good use of images. I will post back once i;ve put teh advice to some use. Cheers.