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Simon R

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May 19, 2002
Match 13 of our 21 match season saw us return to Brafferton Fishery in North Yorkshire on Sunday. Last month we were on Spring Lake (a match I missed due to holidays) but this time around we were on Ghost Lake. Last time we were on here was almost exactly two years ago when Mike won with just 13lb and later went swimming to retrieve his pole. Storm? - What Storm?

It was a horrible morning driving down to the venue with heavy drizzle and fog. It faired up a little on arriving at the venue and after demolishing a very nice bacon sandwich I bunged half-a-dozen pegs in along the right-hand side of the lake. Peg 2 was left in the hat for me - I had an island at perhaps 20m in front of me but with the dense vegetation around it I wouldn't be able to get a feeder onto the marginal ledge.


'Mine' was the island to the left - to the right was Terry's island and you may just be able to make out a little patch of grass under the overhanging tree quite tight to the island itself that he had to aim at. The rain returned as we were tackling up and umbrellas sprouted like mushrooms around the lake.

I knew the lake had been fishing well prior to the recent colder spell but not wanting to risk overfeeding I'd decided to, initially at least, fish chopped worm and caster for basically anything that swum. There's no real margin on this lake, the bottom just slides away at 45 degrees from the bankside down to four feet at a couple of metres out and then a slow descent to five feet at 2+2 sort of range all the way out to 13m and probably beyond to the island.

I settled on an easy 10m and potted in a mix of chopped worm, caster and hemp on that line, at 2+2m towards the bankside bush between myself and Terry and down the left-hand margin. With the tail of a dendrobena on the hook I started on the 10m line and never had a bite for 10 minutes. I refed that line and that seemed to spark some life into my peg as I got three little roach followed by a chunky F1 of a couple of pounds[:D] I got a couple more slightly smaller F1s and an ide of 8oz or so before the bites stopped. I'd been feeding with a Kinder pot but I think the fish wanted more bait so I changed to feeding a good-sized pot of bait - that would normally result in an instant run of small roach before they'd disappear and I'd get a couple of F1s.

After 90 minutes I had half-a-dozen F1s and a couple of pounds of bits and was certainly in front. Elsewhere Barry had lost as many as he'd caught, Kev and Steve were struggling and Terry and Frankie were both fishing for squirrels on the island - Frankie switched to tiger nuts to increase his chances of getting one[:p]

Terry finally got his casting sorted and started to pick up the odd F1 with pellets around his method and an 8mm fishmeal boilie on the hook. Frankie got a lump after switching to actually fishing in the water

Terry's shortly moving house and one of the casualties will be his bait freezer so he's using up the contents and he switched from pellets around his feeder to liquidised bread - not fine stuff but with big bits in that you'd use on the river. It seemed to do the trick though 'cos everytime he landed the feeder in the right spot he'd get another fish - mainly F1s.

My peg had died completely so I fed all three lines heavily and stretched my legs while it 'settled'. Frankie had two fish but one was a lump of five or six pounds, Terry was bagging



Kev was getting a few roach but precious little else but Barry was getting a few - the trusty Stillwater Blue working its usual magic[:p]



Steve had had nowt in open water but was starting to catch down his own bank


Returning to my own peg I had a look down the margin line I'd been feeding from the start - I just laid the rig down the slope and the float sailed away - the culprit being a bloody gudgeon - now don't get me wrong I like gudgeon - sporting little fellows - but I needed something a little more substantial if I was to catch Terry. The next two put-ins on the same line produced a brace of rudd so I switched back to the 10m line and continued to catch small silvers.

The F1s finally returned for the last 45 minutes or so and I landed another four - one of which I hooked 5 seconds before I shouted time[;)] I knew Terry had won the match but had no idea who was next.
Frankie was first to weigh and had two lumps and two F1s for 14lb 4oz


I was next and had more than I thought with 20lb 7oz[:D]


I was well beaten by Terry though - he had exactly fifteen pounds more than me - 35lb 7oz - including a barbel.


Kev had struggled for most of the day but did get a few F1s late on for 8lb 12oz


Barry had been steadily plugging away on the waggler and despite loosing a few weighed an excellent 22lb 2oz for second place.


Finally down to Steve who'd finally started to get a few down his bank - including the only ghostie caught all day which was only a couple of ounces short of 7lb - all told he weighed 18lb 7oz.



So that's two wins and a second in the last three matches for Terry which has left him three points behind me in the club championship and the next match we're off to Cundall on the Swale where Terry landed this belting barbel to win last years contest. R/20151019232841_Image00017.jpg

So it's Cundall on November 1st, followed by a return to Dromonby Farm a fortnight later[:D]

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Aug 12, 2006
Nice write up as always Simon.[:T]

Paul T

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Jun 24, 2004
Great write up and photographs Simon well done to all




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Apr 26, 2003
Ace report as usual Simon, bit better than Bowesfield eh? Nice to see Mr Dale showing you Stokesly lads how it's done.
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