Best Fishing Scene in a Film/TV Programme EVER!!!!

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Oct 8, 2005
Another topic somewhere in this wonderful place is going on about the best sort of fishing programme (can't remember what the topic subject title is though[:eek:)])

BTW I've done this as a topic, rather than a poll proper, mainly because it gives greter flexibility for nattering on about the film/programme and the relvent scen or whatever, the influence it's had etc etc.

So here it goes. Which is the best scene of fishing EVER!!!!! The rules are thus: the film/programme must have at least one scene where there is fishing, which is more than merely incidental to the film/programme. A film/programme with fish in, but no real fishing, is not allowed (I'm think og Jaws II, III and IV, great though they are). Also, no programmes that are solely about fishing eg Hooked on Fishing, Rex Hunt, Passion for Angling etc. I will arbitrate on the rules, mainly because it's my poll (a pox on the moderators[}:)][}:)]).

Perhaps two categories. One for films, the other for TV programmes.

And these are my choices:


(1) Jaws - simply has to be. Biggest fish in the universe, best cast, great idea, wonderful quotes ("I think we need a bigger boat...). And, despite the fact i indulge in competition lifesaving, i cannot swim in the sea. It's true: I watched jaws when i was five (I had great parents...) and it has given me a proper phobia. And it probably started off my obsession with catching the buggers.

(2)Godfather Part II - at the end, michael having freddy go out fishing: the ending, wonderful, beautiful.

TV Programme:

(1) Simpsons, the episode where Homer and Marge go to a camp run by Rev lovejoy for marriage counselling, and homer goes to catch the giant catfish, resulting in him battling the fish for ever, then throwing it back. Actually brings a tear to the eye.

(2) Simpsons - The episode where bart catches the three-eyed mutant fish, whilst Burns is trying to be governor. Lovely little skit against pollution methinks.

(3) Byker Grove: the one where Noddy (who is now one of Ant and Dec, not sure which) takes his girlfriend of five minutes fishing - he did do a bit of carping if i rememeber right.

This'll do for now.

You may use for info if you wish

...catching fish is as incidental to fishing as making babies is to f***ing. ~William Humphrey

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Oct 28, 2005
for me it has to be henry fonda in a film called on golden pond cant remember a great deal about the film but i think it was his lifesambition to catch this one fish out of this perticular pond he was with his grand son whilst fishing caught the fish and then died.
the film stars jane fonda as well adn hery fonda died not long after making this film.many people say it wwas the best film he ever made

Chris W
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