Beechwood Fishery


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Nov 6, 2013
It was our Club Fur ‘n Feather today at Beechwood Park, Elvaston. Not a bad fishery although they could do with a gardener…

Names drawn in alphabetical order this week (we alternate between alphabetical and reverse alphabetical order). ‘M’ as surname initial means I’m always in the middle. Peg 36 was my home for the day, not that it meant much to me as I’ve not fished there that much.

The lake itself is ovalish with an island stretching all the way down the middle. A few overhanging trees which is the only downside to this place… it’s not very well kept. A few pegs you could reach with a pole, others were well over 16m and required different tactics. Apparently the opposite side was more favoured and a couple of end pegs by the car park so I was expecting a tough day.

There were a few fish showing near the island opposite my peg and I thought “they’ll disappear at the ‘all in’ - as per usual”. I set up a maggot feeder rod and a couple of pole lines, 5m and 9m, but wasn’t really sure what to do as we’ve had tough days there before.

At the all in, the fish melted away as predicted. I chucked maggot feeder across baited with double maggot and I fed a few maggots on the pole lines. After 30mins, not a sniff so I reeled in and tried my 9m line. After 15-20mins without a nibble, I decided I wasn’t to going to sit there all day struggling for bites like I have before, so out came the waggler rod.

I baited up with double maggot about 3’ deep and cast over to the island. Nothing for about 20 mins then a bite… fish on! A carp, foul hooked but welcome nonetheless. Out again, and another bite with another foul hooker. Shallowed up to around 2’ and had 6 fish between 11am and midday. Went a bit quieter after that period but it was still my best option by far so I stuck at it.

Weighed in 51lb 3oz for 5th (19 fished) and won my section our side the lake. A good days fishing except the last hour or so when an overhanging tree I’d managed to avoid all day claimed 4 of my prized NG wagglers. After losing a couple of floats, I chucked a feeder over so I could set my waggler rod back up and it nicked that as well…! 🙄 By the time I’d finished, the tree looked like this🎄and I looked like this 🤬

Despite that, I had a great day on the waggler; despite knowing it can get me bites when a pole can’t, I often overlook it if I can reach with a pole. A valuable reminder for me, a few quid up and a bottle of gin to take home to Mrs Whisker… Merry Christmas everybody 😬