BDAA Grand Masters Qualifier - Lemington

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Vince G

Hop Along
Aug 5, 2003
Today saw the Lemington Lakes round of the BDAA Grand Masters 2005.

The day started well with glorious sunshine and a slight breeze so things looked good for the match on Abbey Lake. Having walked round the lake before the draw I hoped for peg 1 or 30 or at least one the pegs in the 20's. Drawing sixth peg 26 stuck to my grubby hand so I was not too unhappy, for company I had a very good angler, Paul Chudyk on peg 27. I found afterwards that pegs 1 & 30 had been left out the draw bag.

Following Dirks advice I set up as he suggested and started off at 8 metres with maggot on the hook. 30 minutes later and no bites so a move to 11 metres was made. Another hour passed with no fish and very few bites so I tried something different, a small open ended feeder cast close to the island. By now the wind had increased so fishing the waggler was a little difficult.

First cast with the feeder and bang the tip flew round before I'd even got the rod on the rests. A Bream of around 2lbs was soon in the keepnet and back out I went. 2 minutes later and Bream number 2 was on it's way in. It must have been the others twin again weighing around 2lbs. A few missed bites and a small skimmer later I decided to come back on the pole having carefully fedboth the pole lines while fishing the feeder.

Another 45 minutes passed and only 1 small Skimmer to show it was back on the feeder. As before as soon as the feeder hit bottom the tip banged round and it was triplets as 2lb Bream number 3 was safely netted. All around me a few fish wee being caught but not much, the odd decent Bream showing but not consistently.
I decided to stay on the feeder till the end of the match as the pole lines appeared dead. Unfortunately no more decent fish took a liking to my bait so I was left wondering whether I'd caught enough to qualify for the semi final.

Paul Chudyk had had a night mare day not managing to connect with any of the larger fish but weighed 5lb 6ozs of skimmers and a soiltary cruician.

My fish weighed 7lbs exactly and I was surprised to win my section. This was also enough to get me through to the semi's in 11th place.

The match was won by Mark Giles with 18lbs+ with Terry Moseley 2nd with 15lbs+. When the results were read out Paul Chudyk had scr*ped in to the semi's in the last qualifying place so he wasn't so dissapointed. Bad news was still to come for him though when one of the competitors noticed an error on the results sheet and Paul got moved one place further down into 14th place and out of the semi's. Not too many took the mickey out of him....[:D][:D]

A reasonably enjoyable day in good company and some section money in my back pocket so not too bad in the end. My only complaint being the distance I had to travel to my nearest qualifying match, 300 miles round trip, hopefully next year there will be a round closer to home.


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