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Jun 21, 2008
hi all

after fishing for 15 years mainly for carp and pike i've finally decided to do some real fishing and target barbel i've joined my local angling club which has stretches on the tees and swale with a good head of barbel

iv got as much info as i can off the net and fishing programmes but id like some real advice off some real anglers, so if you were to go barbel fishing for the 1st time again what things would you highly reccomend as in , bait tactics, hooklinks and hooklengths and how would u go about pickin and feeding a swim

all help will be much appreciated

and is anyone else getting exited for the 16th or is it just me ??

jacko the wacko

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Oct 7, 2009
Were do i start lol,well first time out it would be good if you could go with someone who knows the river and tactics etc.
Failing that get to the river before next week and walk the bank checking out swims it all depends on the size of the river as were to fish as barbel will live in a variety of places deep pools and shallow runs.If the river is slow and deep try fishing half way or just past this tends to be the best spots to start but as all river fishing dont be afraid to try something different.Look for creases ,this is were the faster water meets the slower this creates a natural food trap and the fish usually hover in and out of this area looking for food.
then in the shallow water you can try between gaps in the streamer weed or the tail end of a pool just as it shallows up as again this creates a food trap.
Tackle wise and bait dont fish light or they will do you beleve me, a strong feeder rod is a must you could use a carp rod but i dont bother i like a quiver tip.Line wise 8 to 10 pound some pepole use heavier but if you cant get them out on 10 pound line i think you got problems.
I use a large feeder with soaked pellets and halibut pellet on the hook ,in a small river you can fish a straight lead also meat corn and even maggots will catch them.
My barbel fishing is mostly done on large rivers so i put plenty of bait in with the feeder rod large rivers gobble feed up so dont be shy puting a good bed down .
Dont be put off if you struggle ive had some off my best days when i thought a blank was on the cards once you hook one you will then see why we love fishing for barbel good luck hope this helps.


Oct 9, 2009
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If that doesn't cover everything, what will?
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