Barbel rod or will carp rod do?


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Aug 28, 2006
Has anyone, ever, lost a decent barbel whilst using a carp rod and thought:
"If only I'd had a proper, dedicated barbel rod, I would have caught that fish?"
I’ve thought it before I’ve even cast out.

So I plan to solve the problem before it happens.

Currently Im using 2.25test medium action rods that bend. They will lob big leads if required. They will cope with any barbel in the water conditions where I’m fishing.

But the area has a small population of seriously large carp in it - so Im planning ahead in case I hook one.

I have Torrix 2.75 carp rods that are fantastic Stillwater rods and have landed fish to over 40lb. But I think they are a bit stiff for river fishing where I will be using heavier gear and bigger hooks. So I’m looking for some softer action probably 1990’s (and well used) rods to reduce the chances of hook pulls if/when I have to pull really hard on a fish. Ideally I want some with old fashioned ringing too, as that makes a difference to how the rod bends. I have even stiffer carp rods and they certainly won’t go anywhere near a river.

This might sound a bit over the top; but I’m fishing for one bite at a time and when I get one I don’t want to lose it !