Baitcaster rods/reels


Barbus Minimus
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May 30, 2019
Not something i've ever considered but may want to try some day.

Is there any difference between a baitcaster rod and a regular rod? Or can you just turn a regular rod upside down to attach a baitcaster reel?
On to the reels, is it better to start with something expensive with fancy magnets and knobs etc to avoid birds nests etc?

I know next to nothing about this discipline but would like to :)


the bouncer
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Aug 11, 2001
A normal rod is designed to have strength when bending forwards (towards the eyes) baitcasters are designed to have strength when bending backwards (away from the eyes) as for the reel, i'd recommend not spending a lot as you may not get along with it and decide it isn't for you.

You will get those who say "buy the best/expensive" because bad gear will put you off/ have more birds nests but i started with a cheapo reel and it taught me how to deal with the birds nests, how to brake the spool so i didn't over run, how to set the drag etc.

I think an all signing all dancing reel that is designed to help decrease the chances of that happening are for people who couldn't fish without it or are just to lazy to want to deal with any problems and then when they do get a problem they just pack up and go home.