Bad run pike fishing

Jun 10, 2019
Hi everybody posting on here for advice, ive been an avid lure angler for years and love a walk on the canals and local lakes jigging for perch and pike but these last few weeks ive had a really bad run out of 5 trips ive had one perch, ive tried all types and sizes of lures and retrieves but cant temp anything ive even seen pike in the margins on 2 trips but they just weren't i interested. Had this happened to anybody else or is it just my hard luck


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Aug 17, 2007
Way too late for pike spawning - that was done and dusted months back. I had an absolutely dire winter piking this year, blanking on something like 19 out of 25 sessions. Admittedly they were not easy waters, but it was much tougher than it should have been. Yes, there have been more fish being taken illegally than anyone would like, but if it's somewhere you've regularly caught, they'll be the somewhere. More likely than the pike spawning, it will be other fish spawning and therefore shoaled up somewhere - it might be a question of finding that rather than the regular haunts. Equally, it could be that if other fish have spawned already and there are fry everywhere, the perch and pike might be preoccupied with an all you can eat buffet...