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May 31, 2004
I find bacon fished straight on the hook with no extra weights leaving the bait neutral in the water works very well for Carp, Chub & Barbel. If you hook it a certain way when you retrieve the bait it spins through the water towards you, this is when i seem to get most bites from the Chub & the Barbel, the Carp are a bit more subtle and tend to take the bait when it is stationary. Salted or un-salted bacon is fine as salt works as an attractant to most fish for some reason any-way. i have caught numerous Chub, Barbel & Carp from my local river using this method for some time now. I think the fact that there is no weight in the water encourages the fish to bite with more vigour (well thats my theory any-way).
Give it a go!
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