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May 19, 2002
Fourth match of the season was our second visit to Brafferton Fishery and to Spring Lake – I’d booked the left-hand side where we’d held the previous match but for reasons known only to the owner he’d moved us to the opposite bank. To be honest I tend to prefer the right hand side anyway – it’s usually a little more prolific than opposite and the end peg isn’t quite so much of a flyer as it is on the other side and doesn’t always provide the winner.

There were fourteen of us once again and I spread the pegs out so those at the far end of the lake had a bit more room than those at the other end which is generally a little more productive. I ended up on peg 38 which is somewhere near the middle with the end of the second island to aim at.
Other than a tip rod to chuck towards the island I also set up top kits to fish the margin, 6 and 10m. I had a nice deep margin line (about three feet) and then about 18” more at six metres and the same on the waggler line at 20m or so. After tipping some feed into both margins I started at 6m and after picking up a couple of small roach fishing maggot switched to corn and got a small F1 followed by a couple of hand-sized skimmers – it was very slow though.

Lobbing the method over towards the island saw a couple of liners but nothing more substantial and my margin line seemed only home to tiny roach. Persevering on the longer pole, saw a couple more F1s dropped into the keepnet – frequent changes of hookbait seemingly getting me more bites than staying on just one. There are some big perch in the lake so I introduced a couple of pots of chopped worm and I did indeed get a couple of perch – unfortunately they were about an ounce each. I decided to stretch my legs and see what else was getting caught.

Peter was on the end peg – in actual fact the end but one peg – the end peg is too close to the reeds making it almost impossible to extricate fish. He was getting fish by casting across to the reeds and also losing a few too. Fish too close and you can’t get them out, fish too far away and you don’t get as many bites.

Image00018.jpg Image00019.jpg

Chris and Andy were getting a few too – spells of catching and then blank periods – nobody seemed able to keep the fishing coming consistently.

Image00008.jpg Image00002.jpg

Further down it appeared to be just odd fish – Rob had a couple of carp fishing across to the little island opposite but for many it was mainly small silvers.



I was struggling for bites when I returned to my peg but noticed Kev getting a couple of fish fishing the pellet waggler six inches deep over towards the island, so naturally I followed suit – there were fish there – I spooked one by landing the float on it’s back – but I never had a bite. There weren’t as many fish cruising about as usual and those that were rarely strayed into pole range so mugging one was difficult.

Image00015.jpg Image00016.jpg

I spent the last hour concentrating on the margins – I did get one chunky F1 and some half decent roach but it was hard going and shouting time at 4pm I knew I wouldn’t have more then five or six pounds.

We started the weigh-in round at Barry who was in corner peg 24 and had a decent mixed bag for 10lb 7oz

Rob was on 29 and had found a few more carp and took the lead with 18lb 9oz

Image00020.jpg Image00021.jpg

Tink was on peg 32 and had never seen a carp all day and hence weighed 3lb 1oz

Darren had a couple of carp from peg 34 and just pipped Barry with 10lb 14oz

George on peg 35 had a good collection of silvers but just a single carp for a total of 6lb 4oz

Steve on peg 36 had a decent mixed bag including a brace of big perch – the largest one weighing 2lb 10oz and an early contender for our specimen fish award. His total was 13lb 6oz

Image00024.jpg Image00025.jpg

Bob on peg 37 had a day of few bites and even fewer fish and weighed 1lb 5oz


My collection of silvers and small F1s went 7lb 6oz
Image00022.jpg Image00023.jpg

I had a little more than Kev on peg 40 – his brace of waggler caught carp plus silvers totalled 6lb 11oz


Andy on peg 42 caught shallow most of the day and weighed 17lb 3oz


In contrast Chris on peg 43 caught almost all his fish at depth and finished 3rd with 22lb 9oz

Frank on peg 44 had already tipped back by the time we got to him.

David was on peg 46 and took 2nd spot with a level 29lb


Peter was quite some distance in front though with 42lb 6oz and picked up his first bit of silverware of the season

Next two matches are both at Rising Sun this Sunday (Lake Three) and August 9th (Lake Two)



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