Back at it after 4 years! Partridge Lakes


Nov 6, 2019
Hi all new on here.
I'm 26, been fishing since I were about 7. About 4 years ago I met somebody new, bought a house, got a dog and time flies! The longer it went without fishing the less I thought about it. My partner doesn't have an issue with fishing, always told me to go when I had free time, but I couldn't be arsed (can't believe I'm saying that now)

Anyway, recently went to Majorca, the hotel was on the bay, almost felt like the hotel grounds were floating on the sea.. Saw a few people fishing.. Mrs can sunbathe all day I get restless... wandered off to the shops and got myself an awful little cheap and cheerful rod and reel set for 18 Euros.
Caught a few fish, mainly Sea Bream.. before I knew it I spent the last 3 days solid fishing... with a beer in hand of course...perfect.
I was hooked again. Bought my rod licence and first free day back I went to Partridge Lakes in Warrington.
Before I stopped fishing a few years ago I'd bought a new pole.. Maver Definition with 4 top kits 13m. Perfect for me without breaking the bank..
Got them elasticated with Hydro.. Bought a few pole extra rigs and off I went.

Been 4 times in the last 3 weeks.. Brief summary of just 2 of them as they were all on the same lake, Willow. I'll post more In future as I get my mojo back :rolleyes:.

First session got there for around 11am, hadn't fished it in over 10 years... felt a bit out of place for some reason, couldn't remember how much to feed, what to feed, do I just fish 1 line and ease my way in to it or set up 3/4 like I should do Felt like an absolute fishing virgin!
Caught a few F1s, few skimmers, then it died off for a few hours, just the odd bite. I was feeding mainly with my catty (awful placement, could tell I needed to practice again, I probably ended up creating about 19 different lines the bait was all over. It was a new catapult so I blame that too :sneaky:. Then it was one a chuck, all F1s, probably netted about 20lb or so..

Second session, few pegs down.. felt more confident and addicted already... couldn't wait to get my line wet.
Got there about 8:30 9am Fished across to the island about 11m or so doing exactly what I did towards the end of the last session, feeding micros, loose maggot/caster... I had that line, a line about 4 sections out and each margin...few bites straight away on the island line..
Couple of bump offs despite light elastic, possibly foul hookers.. Had not a sniff until about lunch time! But everybody else was catching quite a lot, including 2 young lads who didn't seem to know what they were doing.
Chap a few pegs down was catching the most, mainly Carp and F1s. Asked him what bait he was using, he had hookable pellets, I didn't have any just 4mm banded and 'Bandums' pellets. After another hour or so I managed a couple of F1s.. He went for a bru and then came over for a chat, he said fish closer in, about 3 quarters of the way out bottom of the far shelf (about 3-3.5 ft). Also said in terms of feeding, fill my pole pot up (Medium Preston CAD pot) and when it's full that's 2 feeds which should be plenty this time of year..
An hour past and I've had a couple more Carp, few more bites...
He packed up about 4ish, literally as soon as he packed up it was a fish a chuck, ship out, little feed, float straight under. Within an hour and half probably had 10 F1s, few skimmers and a couple of Carp around 4/5lb. Didn't want to pack away!

Anyway off again on Sunday, feel like it's all coming to me now, most of it common sense and stuff that I'm remembering that I did before and why I did it.

Thanks for reading.

Tight lines


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May 31, 2019
Welcome to the forum buddy :hello:

Great to hear you’re getting back into it. Sounds like you are having some great sessions. Keep posting as it’ll encourage the warm weather anglers like me to get back out there.

The Landlord

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Jul 26, 2018
Welcome mate. Nice read that.
Similar story to mine....bit of a break, gently easing myself back in. Just down the road from me (I'm in Wirral).
Just wish I was 26 again :cry:

Simon Walsh

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Jan 24, 2005
Enjoyed reading that mate, you seem to have got your love of fishing back again. Keep the posts coming?

Wise Owl

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Mar 29, 2015
Welcome aboard mate glad yer got the bug back and joined the best angling site there is look forward to yer reports as ya get back into it (y)


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Dec 16, 2019
I did the same earlier this year in April. Went from nothing for years to fishing 2/3 times a week at times in the summer. Never lost interest just never dedicated the time. I've smashed every PB I had within a few weeks haha! Only struggle is updating all of my tackle!
Had never fished a pole until this year either.. never looking back!