australian national champs

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Dec 8, 2002
After the NZ ,australia match the australian champs were held.The nz fishermen felt they had the venue work out and were sure that they could do well.So when one of the top new zealand anglers won his section on day one the stage was set for an upset.Day 2 went to plan and Dave Dixon became the 1st nz angler to win the australian champs!


Heres Daves own words on how he did it. I really owe my success in Melbourne to the lesson top Aussie angler Keith
Thomas gave me off the next peg on Day 1 of the Trans Tasman.
Keith put on an impressive display of heavy groundbait feeding (13kg of
crumb went in over the course of the match) to show that my more cautious
approach would not hold the carp. It was then a case of following this lead
over the next three days, the result being three section wins (one on Day 2
of the TT, then on both days of the Aussie National).
Obviously, groundbait accuracy was also important and I used a marker float
at the start of the match for the initial ball-in and again at intervals
during the match if I felt I had lost my distance. A stop knot on the line
also ensured that when I replaced the marker float with my feeder I was
right on the mark.
I also found that the method feeder sorted out the bigger fish, as well as
making bites more positive. Hookbait was maggot right up to the fourth day
when the carp showed a definite preference for corn.

Winning the Aussie National caps off a great season for me with 4th overall
in the TT and 3rd in the NZ National.
In eleven matches this summer I have had 9 section wins and two seconds.
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