AT-VDE SUPERCUP 2002 10/02/2002

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Sep 18, 2001
Hawthorne AC v Downham Tackle A v Mottingham DAS
Hartleylands Farm Reservoir

Hartleylands Farm is a day ticket fishery comprising of an irrigation reservoir and a series of ponds, set amongst organic orchards near Cranbrook in Kent.For more details go HERE .


Well the day of the match arrived with all three teams assembling for a 9am draw.The weather was quite overcast with the threat of rain (which thankfully did not materialise)but the strong wind would certainly make fishing the pole at anything over 9mtrs a trial of strength and on some pegs all but impossible.

The format of the match was 3 teams of 8 anglers,split into 8 sections,first scoring 3 points,second 2 and third 1,with anyone not weighing in scoring 0 points.

10am and from the all in it was obvious that it was going to be an extremely hard match to call,as the silver fish,of which there are a good head present were very reluctant to feed,and the wind making tackle control a nightmare for many.

For myself,i gave up on the pole after an hour and a half,with only 5 small roach to show for the effort,and went out on the maggot feeder after a carp.Three bites yeilded 2 small carp and a small tench for 2lbs 10ozs,only good enough for third in section and 1 point.

3pm and come the weigh-in and it soon became evident just how hard the fishing had been,with just ounces(one decent fish in most cases)tipping the result one way or another.

The individual result was
  • 1st J Cashman-Mottingham 9lbs 4ozs
  • 2nd R Fell-Hawthorne 6lbs 5ozs
  • 3rd M Donovan-Mottingham 6lbs 2ozs

Mottingham DAS were the worthy winners on the day,with a superb performance,dropping only 3 section points.A fantastic feat on the day given the conditions.Congratulations to them and good luck for the second round.

The Team result was
  • 1st Mottingham DAS. 21 points. 35lbs 4ozs.
  • 2nd Downham Tackle A. 15 points. 19lbs 10ozs.
  • 3rd Hawthorne AC. 12 points. 21lbs 5ozs.
Total weighed in by 24 anglers 76lbs 3ozs.

So,That's it for Hawthorne's adventure in the Supercup for another year,out in the first round!
Never mind there's allways next year.
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Oct 5, 2001
Nice report and gracious in defeat , Peter, better luck next year.
Coulda been worse, my son reported to me today on his club match on the Bann canal in Northern Ireland.
17 fished, driving wind and rain and no fish at all in 1st 2 hours, Match abandonded!!!

Way it goes!


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