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Nov 7, 2011
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I'm dreading my desk top going up the suff, it's getting on bit these days and I'm running windows 7 which I believe will only be valid for another couple of years, and I've yet to hear a good word about windows 10.

I have stated several times on this site that my laptops run Windows 10 and I have had no issues at all with it. My latest computer (lenovo all in one) took 3 hours to set up and works perfectly.

My experience varies.

The laptop I use for work (I'm effectively self employed) is five years old but very high spec - HP 8760W. Runs windows 10 with hardly any issues.

The laptop I'm phasing out (old, lower spec)- problems from the moment we swapped over and now the keyboard driver is knackered.

The new laptop - windows ok. It's just the hassle of configuration and document changeover that's been a hassle. Now that I have the same office system on both I'm expecting the hassles to disappear. It seems stable in use so far.

I think if you have a reasonable spec, new machine you should be ok. But anything slightly flaky will struggle.

Five years is massive regarding spec in computers spanky, in some five year stretches, it could be light years behind.


Sep 5, 2008
Also changed to a Lenovo laptop recently, previously using Windows 7 on a Dell Inspiron. Windows 10 takes a bit of getting used to, but once you customise the opening short-cut menu it soon becomes easier. My own problem was moving from a mouse to a touchpad, which I've had to adjust to it's least sensitive setting to avoid the cursor flying around the screen out of control. The lack of a word processing package is also a pain, overcome by downloading free software (Libreoffice) to enable old MS Works files to be opened and new documents to be completed. Now it's becoming less of a source of frustration.
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