Are newcomers missing out on vital skills?


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Mar 10, 2019
I am a feeder fisherman through and through but I do own and use poles. If you have never pole fished you are losing out. The control and sensitivity you achieve are two leagues above normal waggler fishing. You can use a tiny float weighing nothing and shot that is virtually invisible to fish. I never really fish a waggler any more.

I have a £1300 pole, a £400 pole and two margin poles which cost less than £100 each all bought new. I use the margin poles the most as I fish mostly close in or down the margins and they are slimmer and more enjoyable to use. I use the £400 pole a lot to fish from about 6m to 13m. At that range there is nothing to choose between it and the expensive pole and topkits and sections are cheaper. I use the 16m pole to fish above 13m which is about once a year. In my humble opinion, if you are a casual pole user, it’s not worth spending more than £500-600.

You say that rods are a lot cheaper than poles but you need several rods for different situations along with reels. I’ve got 12 rods and judging by what other people on here say that is not a lot. You could easily fish 95% of pole situations with one £500 pole. The idea that sub £1000 poles aren’t up to much is not true. The benefits of dearer poles are on a scale of diminishing returns. The benefits you get with an expensive pole are length, and being manageable at very long lengths and they come with a lot more top kits, though you can easily start with a couple and add further ones when you need to.

It would be well worth you buying an 8m margin pole and giving it a go. You are missing out on a great fishing experience if you don’t. If you are ever going to fish any stillwaters that is.
I wouldn’t mind getting one if they weren’t so expensive just can’t get my head around a fairly average one costing about as much as probably my 5 most regularly used rods put together. It also doesn’t look like it would be that much fun for the predominantly small fish I catch not to mention a lot of stuff to lug about. Maybe one day if I become a bit more flush with money just to try but for now I’m happy with running line 👍🏻