Another terrible day!


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Aug 6, 2011
Went to a match - for an excellent charity - at a club's (not mine) local lake. It was a lovely place (an old brick pit) yesterday. Very deep, I had twelve feet of water two rod lengths out. Looked a perfect day for fishing. The only thing was thought to tell the fish that we were coming. Everyone - as far as I could ascertain - had low weights. I lost two mysterious fish which later on I learned weren't so mysterious......
Float dips, lift into what feels like a Roach of about four ounces when it suddenly takes off before snapping the hook length. Some time later it happens again. Swim is now completely dead. Yep, a jolly jack Pike or three has moved in. Turns out the lake has quite a good head of Pike. The bloke in the swim opposite me had the same problem. Six hours fishing, weighed in 1lb 15 oz. If only I hadn't missed the keep-net with one of the sardine sized Roach it could have been a round two pounds.