Another parcel arrives


space cadet
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Apr 23, 2008
Early last week, upon looking at the paypal stash, that is the loot thats left in thiere from profitable deals that have occured recently,

I thought to myself, thats a handy amount and went on a quest to spend some of it

now, with Autumn approaching, it was deemed that I would need some new clothing for the cooler weather,

off on a search for new polo shirts and a windproof lightweight jacket, duly logging on to the worlds favourite auction site, the manufacturers and stockists were perused and evaluated for cost and quality

eventually a stockist of the required items was found and the buy it now option was exercised, 5 new heavyweight Uneek branded polos ordered with the free embroidery on the left of the chest,

with this particular supplier, you hit the button then on the pay page, then you denote what the embroidery will be in the boxed message

all easy so far, but, as Im doing this, I notice a faux pas has been made by myself, instead of ordering gents size 4 xxxxl polos in woodland green

I have inavertantly ordered size 4 xxxxl ladies polos !

Oh my golly gosh, what an idiot I am so then a period of consternation hits, will I get polos with exceedingly large chest mesurement for the placement of mahoosive 4 xxxxl boobies or are they the same for both gents and female ?

it was no good, had to forward a message about my mistake to the seller, and off it goes sent into the intenetty world hoping that the seller sees it

well, they have turned up this morn, trepidation as to the opening of the packet to see what it held ensued, discussing my faux pas with a small black dog, a careful opening of the packet ensued, to find 5 very nice polos inside together with a delivery note-vat invoice

the polos are right heavy duty, weighing far more than the ones that have seen me through the spring and summer weather,

and theres a hand written addenda to the invoice which clearly states mens polos, this is in the form of a smiley face with the words "enjoy" next to it