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Oct 5, 2001
The magical Trent!

Tuesday August 20th/21st.

After a very tiring North Level Fish-in, carrying a chest infection and feeling generally like Chit! I was none to pleased with my match fishing on Tuesday morning!
Today was the seventh and final day of a 7-day course of anti-biotics and I had been without a pint of Black for that time!

All, seemingly to no avail, as I was still coughing deeply, felt lethargic and was not even fishing well, despite the improvement in the weather!

Suffice to say, that AnglerMark, fishing well enough to follow last Saturdays 1st, with a good second, has not posted a report!
Darryl came 5th and I 6th, but as I only had 10 ozs, you can see why everything has been forgotten!

So, I decided I needed some Proper Fishing.

I had resolved last week to re-attack the Dove, in search of the 10lb Barbel, but have now decided that ambition and ability, must be reconciled.

In truth, I must accept that I do not currently have the strength to face a walk of any distance, particularly with feed for a Barbel swim and my own necessary flask and food for an all night session.
Hopefully, when this chest clears up, I may again feel better, but until then, I must plan better.

In my PAD section of the Trent, I have a proven holding ground for double figure Barbel and large chub, plus the benefit of being able to drive right behind the peg and whilst I was mentally saving this for worse weather times, feel that I now must utilise this more.

I discussed this with Mark and he not only agreed, but arranged to meet me and help me set up!

Sadly again, after arriving home from the match at 5.30 pm, I lapsed into an exhausted doze, was late setting off and arrived with Mark around 8.30 as 2 things started to fall!
Dusk and Rain!

Not an auspicious start.

Mark had so much to tell me! Not least that I would have been much better setting up in daylight!!!!
That I quickly learned!
Secondly that made up rods are the order of the day! (Mine werent)

As I hastily tried to assemble the second rod, he effortlessly made up the rod he had given me, explained that he had already pre-baited the swim with feed, hemp and flavoured deads.
He then set up the bank sticks and showed me the best method to fish his favourite peg (pictured later)

The next kindness was a supply of hair-rigged hooks, of a type and length that he preferred and as if this wasnt enough! He then supplied a bag of some 20 or so experimental boilies that were under trial and had recently been successful!

Well last Friday, Archie Braddock and Bob Roberts fished the Trent, Bob using these Home-made Boilies! Catching 2 double figure Barbel,several smaller AND a Great river Carp, Archie put this day up under his Magic Moments Section, which you can view here!

AND I was going to fish the same, just 4 days later!
Talk about luck!
I just dont know how the Gods conspire to bring me such help, as a compensation for this damned illness I suppose! Oh! To be strong AND have the same luck!

However, as I struggled along finishing off the 2nd rod, with rain falling and feeling sick, I didnt appreciate being interrupted by Mark calling for the landing net as he was already into a Barbel!
Some attraction in those Boilies!

I hastily joined him and was well in time to see the swirling runs and listen to the clutch sing on my Cormoran50 Baitrunner as Mark played it out to the net and landed a 7lb 6oz Pristine looking Barbel.

We carefully unhooked her, weighed her and argued as to whose fish it was!
Mark insisting it was my 1st PAD fish and me discounting it, as I had no part in catching it!

We then held it in the water for the shortest of times and were pleased to see her recover in moments and swim powerfully away.

We then collapsed in laughter, when we realised that whos fish it was, was immaterial, as with all the excitement, the haste of colleting the net, scales etc. and with a camera each! We had forgotten to take a photo!

The second rod now set up, was positioned, cast out at a greater distance and baited with the flavoured meat that I had such success with on the Dove!

I learned a great deal over the positioning and placement of the rods, so simple and effective, with the second rod alarmed!

Then we set up the Umbrella and made the most effective and comfortable night fishing station imaginable, with my car literally feet away in case of emergencies!

I had no less than 5 torches with me, 2 head and 3 hand torches, enough bait for a month and enough feed for 3 days, as Mark had already pre-baited!
The white tip of the main rod stood out in the torchlight beam and it was no surprise, when, within 20 minutes, it again sprang to life with an unmistakeable Barbel bite!
Grasping the handle, I was happy to feel the clutch connect and then give line as I flicked off the bait-runner.
The rod curved and handled the fish beautifully and within 5 minutes Mark netted a 7lb Beauty, clean and unmarked, easily released from the barbless size 10 hair rigged hook and shining in the torchlight.

Weighed and photographed by Mark, I released the fish, thankful for the powerful way it swam off and smiled at a new Trent PB, some 20 years since I landed my last 5lb Barbel from this great river.

Mark, satisfied that his mission to help me was accomplished, set off home just before midnight, with a promise from me to let him know in the morning, the rest of the fish and a promise to apologise to Martin (which I now do) for catching 1 first!

AND then it all went wrong!

Firstly, at 12.30 pm, I had another great bite on the same rod.
Striking, I was into a fish for about 1 minute and then, when seeming OK, the hook pulled!
On retrieval, I had everything, but somehow the hook was firmly embedded in the hard Boilie, where, previously, it had lain alongside it in hair rig fashion!
How that came about, I still have no idea!

Then, I re-set both rods and found my head torch batteries had failed, so I swapped over, but decided to clip on a Beta light to the main rod and make the torch superfluous.

Had a cup of coffee and a sandwich, which proved fatal!
Re-acting with the antibiotics I suppose, I felt really ill and nature took over as I drifted into a sleep? /doze? /unconsciousness?

It was 3.00 when I came around, freezing and with 60 or so yards of line pulled off the main rod and a snapped hook-length!

Cursing, I added a 2nd bite alarm to this set up and then fished the night away, with only 1 touch on the second rod to show for the rest of the time.

Finally, Packing away in the morning, I received a text message from Mark, to say that his Camera had failed and that he had had to re-install it, losing the photos in the process!
So, I will just have to beat it again!

Interestingly, Boilies (which I had never fished before) out-fished my meat and there is room for experiment here!

I had intended to return tonight, but was unwell on my return home, so I am resolved to fish Thursday night, after a good rest tonight.
Then, back by 10.00, for a sleep before setting off for Wales.

Finally, let me show you this Ideal night set-up as I took these pictures with my Camera.

Firstly, the 2 rods in the morning, with mist rising from the warm waters.

Secondly, looking back up my peg to the easily laid out and rain protected bivvy


Incidentally, the rain stopped at midnight and the sky was clear!

Finally, this is a picture at night of the view I have of the beta light and the second rod, which has a bite alarm with 2 lights.
The rear drag bait-runner clutch is set just to beat the current!


Interestingly, with a deeper and faster current than the Dove, the Trent is amazingly quiet on this stretch!
The Dove continually talks to you, with ripples and gurgles of fast water, as does the Derwent.
But here, you are alone with just your thoughts (and the occasional East Midlands Jet) icon_smile_big.gif

This is going to see a lot more of me!



Ziptrev pug.gif Shouldn't happen to a DOG!

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Adam S

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Mar 10, 2002
Hello trev

Havent been on in a while, been busy and just back from a weeks sea
and game fishing in dingle.

But its nice to come back and have such great reports of proper
coarse fishing, great stuff as ever,thanks.



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Jan 24, 2002
hi trev
you have to keep doing it to me dont you lol
well done mate will see you sat morning hoping to get there for 0700

tight lines.
talk fishing flip football


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Nov 4, 2001
Trev, I tried boiles for the second time last week on the Severn. As luck would have it on my 2nd rod set up with an alarm. Two bite and when I say bites I mean smash takes thank god the bait runner was on. 3rd bite on the other rod to flavoured coloured corn. My recipe isnt a secret in fact its an old well tried one. Trout pellet boilies. So if a family illness doesnt stop me guess where I will be tomorrow night.

chill out go fishing


05/10/01 - 18/10/02
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Oct 5, 2001
Thanks Adam,
icon_smile_blush.gif Sorry Martin!!!!!

John, Good luck mate!

I later discovered that Mark had coated the small Boilies in Summer Barbel Magic and I have some larger old Squid Boilies stashed away that I have added the same too, and am going to try tonight!

However, I'm going to concentrate on the successful ones on the main feed line 1st, but will post results on my return from sheepland!
May E-Mail you from Geoffs fridsay night if good!

Tonights a Full Moon, Looks Promising!

Hope you score well and am looking forward to trying the Mighty Severn!

Stuff of Dreams! Aaaahhh!



Shouldn't happen to a DOG!

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Jul 25, 2002
Trev, I don't know, can't leave you alone for 5 mins icon_smile_wink.gif I must be honest, if I had stayed I would have nodded off too because as you know it had been a long day icon_smile_sad.gif and the match we had earlier had not been too much of a thriller icon_smile_blush.gif Never mind I'm sure you will get a few tonight (take a few photo's lol). Good luck!!!!!

Tight Lines



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Apr 12, 2002
Trev great report as always, good luck for tonight!



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May 9, 2002
great report as normal trev but another night you make the rest of us mere mortals jealous

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