Another nice bargain.

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May 2, 2018
Been on the lookout for a 50inch brolly, took some advice from MDs so decided to take the plunge, narrowed it down to 3 brands but most places were out of stock, i then noticed Amazon had a Matrix space brolly and only one in stock, but it stated damaged packaging and item inside could be affected, but the price was £48 against nearly £80rrp it had a 30 day return if not satisfied so i took a chance and ordered it at 8pm last night, it arrived at 12 noon today, on inspection the package was damaged but the brolly was perfectly ok RESULT. :love: In the last 3 years ive dropped on some nice bargains and 3 have all been Matrix products the other 2 were a p25 seatbox brand new £150 and the 2 wheel trolley at £50 which i bought off ebay from a golf shop (strange) :unsure: inbetween them 2 i bought a Drennan Acolyte Ultra 11ft feeder rod again off ebay only used a few times for £90 when it arrived it came together with a brand new Drennan hardcase (nice surprise) been a Yorkshireman i like a nice bargain, any of you guys done ok bargain hunting lately?