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Dec 31, 2001
Hi i thought id right a report on how well i did today at fishing.
I decided to visit a pond on the outskirts of west lancashire in a place called Rufford if anyones ever heard of it (its opposite the train station). I went along with my dad at 2pm which is very late for me to start. I knew from my last weeks visit that the carp had an addiction to sweetcorn so me and me dad set up both on sweetcorn at abt 7ft on the bottom coz the pond is very deep. And after a couple of mins the fish were goin on a frenzy and the wind was picking up (a very cold one). I was feeding maggots over the sweetcorn and when it got to abt 5pm we had had abt 15 small 7oz carp between us which werent bad. and then when swapped to meat (small cubes) because the biting on sweetcorn was dying down. I was right the meat was workin just as well as the sweetcorn but the fish wwere bigger and instead of catching small carp ui was catching tench and chub. After another ten mins we had caught quite alot about 25 btween us. Then when my dad went tothe car i got a bite and it was a decent chub over a 1lb which was my biggest coz i hardly ever fish rivers. then near the end we were both shakin with coldness the wind was freezin. Then when the night was drawing in i got another stormin bite and it was like i had a brick on it was one heavy fish and it knew al;l the hidin places after 5 mins fightin it come off . Arghhhh, i cant explain the amount of times i coyuld of punched myself. Anyway at the end i had abt 26 fish and my dad had had abt12 it was the end to my great days fishing. Best in ages. Anyway mine was v good how was urs?

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Aug 8, 2001
Excellent day by the sound of it FM, and a good report as well thumbsup.gif

I'll copy it and add it into the 'Where you fished today' thread

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Jan 19, 2002
FM - I think that looking back on days like that keep us going when the fish aren't biting at all. So hang on the the clear memory of it. Especially since it was with your Dad.

I can still remember several trips with my Dad when we had that sort of result. And that was around 45 years ago.
Great too since he died several years back and hadn't been able to fish for the couple of years before his death at 96.

I do hope that is genetic though. I fished with my grandfather until he was into his 90s as well. That would mean I have at least another 30 years of fishing to look forward to.

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Sep 20, 2001
Went to fish the match at Woodland View yesterday and drew peg 63 on the back. I caught down the edge for three hours and won the match with 150lb 10oz. I really enjoyed it but I would like to have broken the match record which stands ot 204lb. I came close last year with 189lb but there is stil time.

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Mar 31, 2002
Fished at FLEETS DAM ( Barnsley ) on Tuesday on peg 17.
Using the method and maggot i caught carp to 6lb and bream to 2.5lb.
Must have had 40lb.
Going back on Thursday with my mate Toby to hopefully catch more!

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