Another first planned for tomorrow.....


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Oct 4, 2020
Having spent the last few weeks since my return to angling chucking a method feeder out with some (but limited) success, followed by an initial foray into float fishing last weekend, I have inadvertently stumbled into another first for tomorrow.

Whilst retrieving the recycling bin from approximately 2 postcodes away (the refuse collection agents are not too hot on returning them to the correct houses around these parts), an old fella that lives about 4 doors down and opposite from me came out as I was passing, bin in tow.

Now I don't know this bloke, in the 6 years we've lived here I've probably seen him a dozen times, and said hello three or four, but nothing more. 'Excuse me', he said, 'would you have any use for this?'

In his hand was a long black thing (oo-er missus), which he held out in my direction.

As the bin skidded into the back of me due to the sudden unexpected stop, I saw that it was a rod bag of some description.

'I've noticed you getting fishing tackle in and out of the car, and I thought you might be able to put this to some use?' he said.

On closer inspection, it turned out to be a Middy White Knuckle 8meter margin pole. 'Hang on a sec', he said, returning to his hallway, I've got a few other bits that go with it'. A couple of seconds later he returns with half a dozen pole rigs on winders, and a tupperware box with some hooks to nylon, a disgorger, and some other bits and bobs.

He explained that he used to fish up to around 8 years ago but is now unable to due to ill health, before he gave up completely he loved to fish the pole as it was a little easier for him to handle that a rod and reel, and that he'd love to see it get some use. He wouldn't accept anything for it, so I need to find a way of treating him to something as a thank you.

Now I have no idea what I'm doing with pole fishing, so tomorrow I'm going to set it up and see what happens. It has one top kit, which has a fairly light looking yellow elastic fitted. I'll probably fish light with it and see what happens, with 8 years sitting in a cupboard it may not be up to much elastic wise, but the pole itself looks in decent nick, no cracks or repairs visible. I have no seatbox so I'll be on my chair as normal, and I don't have any rollers so I'll be fashioning something from my rucksack and tackle bag. Should be fun.

Assuming the elastic doesnt snap straight away, my goal is to catch one fish on it, any fish, I'm not fussy.

Speaks a lot for the (generally) kind nature of anglers in general, I literally didn't even know his name until we met today.



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Jul 4, 2019
That's very kind of him! Hope you get into using it and good luck with the elastic (might need replacing after 8 years as you say).