Angling Trust lands £150k investment for angling!

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Sep 5, 2020

Priority Groups encouraged to apply for funding and help their audiences get fishing again.

The Angling Trust has got the go-ahead to distribute £150,000 of Sport England Together Fund grants to the angling community.

The Together Fund helps community organisations deal with issues caused by Covid-19 so that they can help get priority groups – including disabled people and culturally diverse communities – active and involved in regular sporting activity.

The Angling Trust wants to hear from community projects working with people whose involvement with sport or physical activity has been affected by the pandemic. These priority groups are:

  1. Low socio-economic groups
  2. Culturally diverse communities
  3. Disabled people
  4. People with long term health conditions

Clive Copeland, Head of Participation at the Angling Trust commented: “This new, exciting award from Sport England endorses the simple act of going fishing as a way for people who are often most affected by Covid-19 to stay active and regularly involved in sport. Sometimes just a small amount of funding is all that’s needed to unlock angling’s ability to reach into these target groups – even simple things like the right kit, or just being able to run a class make the difference. This generous award from Sport England is therefore certain to go a long way by making it possible for many more people from these priority groups to benefit from the ability that angling has to encourage and maintain active lives.”

James Roche, one of the Angling Trust’s Partnership Development Managers is keen to hear from community groups who can run events and activities that help start or maintain an on-going angling habit in the priority groups. Please contact James in the first instance and he’ll help assess your project’s suitability and explain our simple online application process – email

General Enquiries about this article: James

More info about the Together Fund: – please contact James Roche before applying.

We Fish as One
We Fish as One is the Angling Trust’s long-term community inclusion campaign that aims to actively develop and profile local outreach programmes and activities. This will harness the power of fishing as a community building activity, so that people from all backgrounds can experience the life-changing benefits of the sport of angling. For more information on We Fish as One visit

The Together Fund
The Together Fund is a Sport England funding stream to reduce the negative impact of Covid-19 and assist community groups working with the target audiences, to grow and help more people. Find out more at

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mike fox

'Just Me and the Fish'
Site Supporter
Apr 5, 2011
Not another campaign. :rolleyes: Its great that the AT are successful in their bids for funding, but when the onus is put on to clubs to disseminate these campaigns it all falls flat after a few weeks and gets forgotten about. What the AT really need to do is get the right people out into the field like the NFA did and actively communicate directly to establish long term campaign commitments from their member clubs. AT, it is not good enough sitting on your backsides in a nice cosy office dishing out money willy-nilly to those that ask nicely for it just to score brownie points with your stakeholders.