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The Angling Trust was a founding member and active participant in the Blueprint for Water Coalition. Set up to bring together groups who have an interest in protecting and improving our freshwater ecosystem, Blueprint for Water has been a text book example of how the power of many can have a greater impact than the voice of one.

In recent years, Blueprint for Water’s secretariat has been part of Wildlife and Countryside Link. This has given Blueprint for Water even more leverage among policy makers and politician. It has enabled Blueprint for Water to access more resources and greater expertise across a range of issues directly effecting our water environment.

But the challenges facing our fish and fishing grow more complex by the day. From water abstraction and poor water quality, to invasive species and pollution. And beyond the water environment itself; climate change, the impacts of population growth, particularly in the South East, and the associated infrastructure development and demand for water.

Coupled with these challenges is the political uncertainties of leaving the EU. Much of our current environmental protections have come from the EU. To ensure we replace those protections with new laws, regulations and policies, plus the funding and means to enforce them in a form that is equal to, or preferably stronger, it is vital we do all we can to protect your interests.

With all the pressures we face it is more important than ever that we have a strong voice for fish and fishing.

Joining Wildlife and Countryside Link means we can have that stronger voice to government. It means we can join with others, and benefit from their expertise, when it comes to matters of mutual interest. And it means angling will be present when policies and position of Wildlife and Countryside Link are developed.

We have already worked successfully with a number of members of Link. In 2010 we launched legal action against the government with WWF-UK over the illegal implementation of the Water Framework Directive, this resulted in the government announcing £100 million pounds of new money to improve our rivers and waterways and to adopt a catchment based approach to the implementation of the requirement set out in that directive.

In 2015 in partnership with WWF(UK) and Fish Legal we launched a second Judicial Review that resulted in the judge recognising the need for urgent action to tackle pollution from farms and consider using Water Protection Zones to protect 44 freshwater sites.

Wildlife and Countryside Link need our expertise too. We already sit on the Invasive Species Working Group, holding government to account on actions to try and stop new invasive non-native species from arriving on our shores and into our waterways.

Being a member of Wildlife and Countryside Link does not mean we agree with everything they say. Nor are we bound by every decision they take. Wildlife and Countryside Link is a broad coalition. Where it is in anglings interests to join with other members, we will. Where other members interests diverge from our own, we will continue to oppose them in our fight to support fish and fishing.