Angling Trust and Daiwa announce major partnership to protect the environment and inspire a new generation of anglers

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Sep 5, 2020
The Angling Trust is delighted to announce that world famous tackle manufacturer Daiwa has become a Trade Associate member.

The agreement will see Daiwa play an active role in supporting the work of the Trust to protect waterways and the environment and promote angling to encourage more people to take up fishing.

In welcoming the partnership, Stephen McCaveny, Marketing Manager for Daiwa Sports praised the Trust’s commitment to angling throughout the pandemic which has raised the sport’s profile and led to an increase in people taking up fishing.

“It is fair to say that until the last few seasons, for many anglers and tackle companies the role of the Angling Trust lacked clarity. Now there is no question that the actions and commitment of the Trust have had a substantial effect on the credibility and visibility of our sport, not just in the eyes of mainstream media but importantly with our Government.

“During the last year, the world of angling has proven to be a ‘go to’ activity for increased numbers. In all its forms it has been the outdoor escape so many were seeking during the restrictions and it should be a key objective for us all to retain as many of those anglers as possible.

“At Daiwa we are now happy to invest in becoming a Trade Associate along with other companies, as well as the many anglers joining as individual members, too. We believe that this combined effort of memberships and the capability of the Trust can now assist retention of that growth but more importantly use that gain of momentum to promote a bigger, permanent foothold for angling.”

Jamie Cook, CEO of the Angling Trust, said:

“There can be very few anglers who do not have in their tackle portfolio a rod, reel or piece of fishing equipment manufactured by Daiwa. Whether for carp, coarse, game, sea or predator fishing, Daiwa have been an established brand for anglers for over 60 years and the Angling Trust is delighted to welcome them as Trade Associate members.

“Daiwa’s philosophy to inspire a new generation of fishermen and women through a sustainable interaction with nature fits well with our own aims to promote the benefits of angling on physical and mental wellbeing and protect our waterways and environment for all to enjoy. We are keen to form strong links with all areas of angling and I look forward to working with Daiwa for many years to come.”

Stephen McCaveny added:

“Daiwa’s global message of Feel Alive has never seen a more acutely appropriate time. We have long believed in angling as a lifetime sport for all, but it is the mental health and wellbeing value that has been recently underlined. This mindset has been expressed well by the Angling Trust and fits very closely with the Daiwa message.

“In addition, the Trust’s often unseen endeavours in protection and welfare of waterways, species and environment sees great synergy with our Be Earth Friendly ethos. We are hopeful that our membership and closer cooperation will further aid that success story that the Angling Trust is delivering.”


Stephen McCaveny of Daiwa

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mike fox

'Just Me and the Fish'
Site Supporter
Apr 5, 2011
It's great to see the AT are proactive in their partnerships with these businesses and agencies etc, but I am sceptical as to how much benefit it has with angling. Brownie points scored with Sport England and pats on the backs of people in the office does not necessarily improve partnerships/relationships with us anglers/members.
For example; I notice they regularly post on this forum, but NEVER post on the UK's largest Game Angling forum. Why is this?
The 100,000 additional rod licence sales of the past 12 months is encouraging, albeit many would have been single day licences and I suspect most will not return to the sport when Golf and Football reopens to everyone. I wonder if the AT/EA follow up with any research into the angler retention or do they just shout from the rooftops about the increased one off sales.
Jamie Cook says it's work in progress. I think they have a hell of a lot to do still.


Regular member
Mar 19, 2012
Like you say, the additional rod licence sales last year were down to covid, once that goes I should imagine licence sales will continue on a downward slope as has been discussed on this forum previously.