Angling Hall Of Fame


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Jun 28, 2020
The Americans love to celebrate success of people in many different fields of endeavour with a Hall Of Fame. The most famous is the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame, but there are many others, covering American Football, Baseball, Ice Hockey, Swimming and countless more. If there was an Angling Hall Of Fame, who would you want to see inducted into it, and why? They can be of any field of angling, so game, sea and lure fishing as well as coarse fishing. Inductees can be from any time period, but need to have a significant past angling legacy, not just be the latest big thing. So for example, Tommy Pickering could be inducted due to his achievements over a long period of time, but Jamie Hughes couldn't yet, because although he is a very successful angler, he probably still has many more years to build his angling legacy.
So lets begin filling the virtual Angling Hall Of Fame.
Bob Nudd


Mar 26, 2011
Definitely NOT Bones, Ringer, Hamidi (well in fact, none of the Korda crowd!)....

Definitely Dick Walker, Peter Stone, Fred J Taylor, Jim Gibbinson, Terry Eustace, Chris Binyon, Mick Brown, Fred Buller, Dr Barrie Rickards, Neville Fickling, john Wilson, Bob Church, John Bailey, Terry Thomas .....

roachman 1960

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Dec 18, 2019
the late great Jim Sharpe who taught me to stick float fish with a centre pin when i was a kid on the Trent, John Dean, Frank Boris Barlow the Toulsons Pete Palmer the list could go on forever