Anglers urged to catch killer catfish

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Aug 11, 2001
I've just been looking through some ofthe articles on the World News page and came across this "Anglers urged to catch killer catfish"

The hunt for a giant catfish which ate a pensioner's dog is attracting crowds of anglers keen to net the beast.
The head of a German angling society says he has dozens of volunteers willing to fish round the clock to catch the fish.
It grabbed a dachshund puppy which was swimming in a lake in Moenchengladbach.
Wilfried Reger, head of the Moenchengladbach angling society, wants his fishermen to make a concerted effort to catch the fish this weekend.
If it's caught, they'll donate it to a hostel for homeless people.

The rest of the story is here

Apparently it was like a scene from Jaws.

Does this mean we all have to start using daschund puppys for bait and if so what size hooks

What next:::: Rampant Roach grabs Granny>>>

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