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05/10/01 - 18/10/02
In Memoriam
Oct 5, 2001
Can I just acknowledge the brief meeting I had with Mark today at our PAD match!

Firstly, after helping me lug my kit down to the peg (late due to the usual Zippy luck!, see match results!) we fished.

After the match, Mark presented me with a 2 piece Barbel rod, that he had used to catch his 11lb + double on.
He has a new rod now, but had read of my quest and wanted to help me get my goal. I shall use, treasure it and hopefully acheive with it!

Secondly, he was delighted to have won a raffle prize from the Elvington tickets I sold him and gave all the lines and hooks in the packet (all he had left was the groundbait!) into my care for Geoff's project, or any other cause thay arises.

Thirdly, wished he had been part of the Elvington scene (again touched by personal tragedy) and pressed money on me to add to the total (on it's way Dave!)

and finally, enjoyed Martin's and Sammy's Company so much that he wishes to extend an open invitation to Martin to come back, whereupon he will set up his rods for Martin to obtain that River Barbel.

On Saturday, I also have to present him with my attempts to emulate his special Stick float rigs, to ensure my ability improves on the Stick! (I feel like I've got an exam lol!)

Thanks again, to a really warm hearted guy, who I am sure will add to our forum!



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