Angel Lockdown


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Aug 24, 2010
This was my first session in around 6 weeks and my first during Covid Lockdown 2.0 so I headed back to The Angel Of The North in Tyne and Wear.

I'd prepared a load of new rigs over the interim period ready for the change in seasons expecting a silver fish kind of day (with maybe a few carp if lucky), although that's not how things panned out!

I wanted to fish Lookout Lake due to its proportion of silver fish to carp, and head to the island. I picked Peg one as it is relatively sheltered from strong winds in the exposed setting, and also because I hoped any carp that were prepared to feed, could be pushed towards this part of the lake.

(I only saw one other angler on the entire complex, so had total freedom with where to fish anyway! ).

The water still had a tinge of colour in it, but I wanted to be very cautious and feel my way into the session with any bait offerings, so I went with the following -

I plumbed up two swims at a comfortable 11m in case the wind strength increased (which it did) at a 10-2 position, with virtually the same depth and fed one with a few maggots very negatively and the other with a tangerine sized ball of groundbait and a few micros.

I also had a line at the bottom of the shelf in front of me at a range I could feed maggots by hand comfortably every 10 mins at so, and this turned out to be at 2+3,rather than the standard 2+2.

I was going to start long and give the short line at least 1.5 hours to settle, before moving on to it.

I started with a banded 4mm pellet over the groundbait swim, which didn't start positively. A spate of missed bites were frustrating, before I started catching a few small roach. As I could only attract small fish, I fed again through a pot and made the shotting on the rig a bit more positive, which brought me some small skimmers, but nothing too frenetic.

I had originally planned to start on a maggot feeder, but by the time I started I only had around 4.5 hrs to play with, so decided to stick with the pole.

I chopped and changed lines and tried feeding in different ways, but everything was very slow. I did try fishing beyond the feed without success, but with the increasing wind didn't want to go to 13 or 14m which may have helped?

Eventually I moved onto the shorter maggot line with small roach and perch again taking my hookbait. I upped the feed a little, and eventually hooked my first carp of the day, which promptly tore off.

I'd spent a lot of spare time in the last few weeks making pole rigs to cover the next six months or so, and with me expecting silver fish predominately or any carp to be a bit more sedate than in the warmer months, and had gone for finer tackle than on my last visit. Because of this I'd made up a boat load of rigs with varying hooklength diameters from 0.08 (which I hoped not to need!) up to. 12.

On this rig I was using a .105 hooklength and medium wire hook with an 8-12 elastic that I thought would be the perfect choice, the carp, however, felt otherwise and and snapped me after a good 3-4 minute tussle.

Along with this I was getting hook pulls and bumped fish on the long pole lines. I had changed one of my match kits down to a 6-10 elastic to cover autumn/winter, which was proving a bit too heavy for the smaller fish I was catching but was the lightest I had.

I continued to catch sporadically on all my lines, and started getting some nice skimmers and better roach, but started to see signs of fish activity close in.

I fed small amounts in the margins to my left and right, but at only 12" on one side and 18" on the other, didn't expect any fish to settle in the shallow water.

This seemed to be borne out at first after trying Sweetcorn and worm hookbaits without any bites, but a moving float. I switched to tried 3-4 maggots and immediately hooked a carp that again took off.

I know people have differing opinions about whether to add sections or not but the way these fish fight, I'm sure just hitting and holding would lead to a lot of hook pulls and eventually I had a 5lb common in the net.

I found that the best approach seemed to be alternating sides regularly, however my next fish was lost due to a snapped hook (which I haven't experienced in a long time)

I would also occasionally catch a skimmer, roach or small perch that seemed to mark the time to refeed again and in this period I had a nice roach approaching 8oz and a skimmer of a pound (ironic that I couldn't catch them on the short or long pole, but they were happy to be next to the bank in 1-2 feet of water!)

After losing another carp I reached for the heaviest rig I had (0.19 straight through to a 15 Kamasan B711), something I hadn't expected to use for the next 6 months or so.

This gave me far more success, and in the end I had a a number of good sized carp (with 2 Commons weighing exactly 6 1/4 lbs. The average weight of each carp was about 5lbs, and each one fought the same way as they did in the summer on a 14-16 elastic. so after losing too many by trying to rush things, I eased of the pressure a bit, and although it still took a good 3-5 minutes to land each one, I hardly lost another fish (other than one that felt foul hooked)

I packed up with the late autumn light fading as the fish were still feeding (always difficult for me to do!)

I'd ended up with around 15 carp between 4-6.5 lbs and around 3lbs of silvers.

Ultimately, a really enjoyable day, despite a very slow start and me fishing quite poorly, and negatively to begin with.

I think a gap of 6 weeks between sessions meant I was quite rusty to begin with, which meant I was a bit slow to react and didn't fish exactly as planned. However just being able to be on the bank during lockdown was great.

(E. G., I had intended to fish a maggot feeder to begin with, but didn't set it up as I was so late to start fishing. I think this would be an interesting option as we move into winter.)


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Aug 24, 2010
What’s the new bridge like ?
Bouncy ? it's OK.. Of course the original was wooden and looked great (although falling apart).. This one is more of a pontoon and with a none perfectly balance trolley, I feel I'm about to end up in Peg 25!... It does the job though.