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Oct 5, 2001
Unusual week!

Hi Lads, Im posting this separately from where you fished as Semer report follows and I thought you might like to share loads of pictures, which may slow the other threads down.
Well, It turned out to be so nice a day on Friday 30th May, that I just had to go fishing!

I had just fished Highbridge on my new Pride Card and I wanted to try Ully Gully.
Firstly, however, I wanted to find the accesses to the river stretches!
The Derwent joins the Trent and this book has both sides of the Derwent at the confluence AND the Trent and Mersey Canal meets at the same junction, forming a Cross!
Somehow, the Pride of Derby Club has ALL 4 corners.
I want some of that!
Well, I was delighted to find a locked Car Park (I have a key now) just a few yards from the Derwent footbridge, allowing me access to both sides


The River Derwent at its end is far different from the torrent I have shown you previously!
Having started life high in the cold Pennines, it has now become slower, more settled water!
Do you ever think of a river as a LIFE?

Born in the heights, like a newborn child, the river moves seldom! Content to lie still and grow, only stimuli provide motion. In the rivers case rain!
In a childs hunger.

Moving on to childhood, the toddler becomes clumsily active and noisy. Stumblingly walking, occasionally an outraged cry as shins are barked, or wants denied and punctuated by happy gurgles as new interesting things are discovered.
So, with the river, fed by rain, underground water and side rivulets, the water bubbles, boils, complains as it forces its way over annoyingly placed rocks and then tinkles and chuckles its way down the hill sides.
Adolescence! And the character changes! The river never out of water now and in perpetual motion. Rushing and carving, deepening and widening, it uncaringly roots out trees in the sheer exuberant joy of harnessing the floods.

Noisier with roaring weirs, never quiet; Inquisitive, searching every fish swim, digging holes and laying gravels. Unsure, but not frightened to try!
Just as the teenager challenges all around! Ever restless, ever noisy, ever so unsure and easily hurt, but no time, only mistakes to make! Only the truth and values to find!
As harsh an age for Rivers and people can find.

At last to Prime! Stronger now, steadier, Wider, Smoother and much more confident.
The river buckles down to providing needs! Water for power, shelter for wildlife.
Less prone to dramatic rises and falls, although still subject as all, to Mother natures will.

As the young family throw off childhood needs, form a union, start another tributary of the human race and buckle down to the necessary yoke of work, responsibility and others needs.
Coming to the end, the rivers rapids are gone. Old steep banks mark the passage of time.
No longer are flotsam and jetsam found adorning the stubbornly springing up bankside bushes, here we are tree lined, with older, flood resistant trees.
Wider, with middle-aged spread, the river now seems to look back as well as forward, regretting the excitement of its lost youth and peering towards the confluence as if to seek its own mortality.
As with humankind, this age brings changes in values and an appreciation of all that has been provided. With regrets for all the good things discarded and all the chances missed, it is a rare that what has now been provided is not a source of constant joy.

Towards the end; a flatter calmer, submissive stretch of river, reaches almost eagerly to the promise of new excitement by joining with another. No regrets, here a placid acceptance, abundant with wild flowers to brighten the day. Vibrant with coots, moorhens, ducks and non water birds.
Butterflies in the meadow, insects hum and drone in harmonic blend with the smoother rivers quiet murmur, just as the old couple, wiser, kinder and with more time, delight in their well-earned peace and their new found enjoyment of the next generation.

So, with these thoughts in mind, I took this picture of my new found, placid old Lady Derwent. And I made her a promise to visit as often as I could.


Looking to the left, you can see the Pipe Bridge that crosses the Trent.
This shows just how close the confluence is and I have easy access here too.


Now, Right behind that Pipe Bridge is the Complex of Lakes that include Pride, Red House and Ully Gully, so enough of this, Im going Fishing.

I arrived at Ully Gully about 4.15 pm on Friday, and having walked the lake, decided the very end swim would be fine (Next to the car park lol) but truly, because the wind was blowing down into this corner. And here be carp, (according to the website!)
I intended to fish for EVERYTHING, as Ive got to start sorting out my methods, but not at the same time!
Whilst spinning in Glazebrooks last week, I came in contact and retrieved this!


and so I decided to rake the water lily covered margin and fish a waggler for the Tench.
Heres the swim. Ideal according to my books!


Having raked and fed the swim with crumb/hemp/sweetcorn/meat. I strolled back to the Car Park to let the swim rest and fetched my Pike rods.
Then I came across part of the total package that I try and explain, makes fishing so interesting for me!
This little stranger was waiting for me on the Car Park and filled me with delight and sadness!


It was a blazing hot day and sweet as he was, he was far too young to be out on his own!
I had no idea where his nest was, so after saying hello, I put him in the midst of a dense bush, out of the direct sunlight and high enough for his parents to hear his plaintive calls for food.
I do hope they found him, but could not bear to even go back and see if he was still there.
I used to hand rear chicks of the Lovebird and Cockatiel families from this size and know how easily they become imprinted and worthless in the wild!
Returning to the swim, I quickly assembled my ready made Pike Rod and cast a small Roach out 3/4s of the way across, and placed it on my Banksticks (John lol) and Buzzer, with the intention of then setting up a similar arrangement, but with Boilies for Carp.
I was annoyed when the buzzer wouldnt behave!
It bleeped once, then twice and I was sure I had set it OK.
Battery? Damn the thing!
I grasped the line and the line tugged back!!!
Jumping up, I struck and found myself in to this Pike!!!


6lbs 9 ozs and what a start!
I swear the fish had not been in the water 20 seconds!
John had told me of this happening to a friend, but dammit, I must have hit it on the nose!
Pleased as punch, I rebaited and set up my Carp rod as described.

Then I set up a Waggler, plumbed the depth of the raked swim (Suppose a purist would have had that sorted at the time of Raking) and finally, set up my feeder rod to try a cage feeder across the Lake.

Thus, with all this kit, I hoped to find what would work for me, and as you can imagine, I was pretty pleased with the Piking start!

Well as you can guess, Its a Zippy story and so Nothing worked LOL
I sat for over an hour with the waggler, no bites!! An hour with the feeder, zilch!
The carp rod never twitched and the run on the Pike Rod might have been a dream, if I hadnt kept looking at the photo!

So what next!
The weather was absolutely gorgeous and as always happens, I reported not seeing a kingfisher for ages until the Thursday, so I saw another today!
I had told Elaine that I wouldnt be home early and that I may in fact stay all night, as it was so warm, so I was in no hurry!
8.30 and a 5th method worked! Firing out a few maggot straight in front, I caught 3 small Perch in quick succession, but didnt want to change down from my 14 size hook as I was determined to try the Tench again at dusk So, getting fed up of missing bites, I thought of method 6!

At about 9.00, for the last hour before dark, I tried out spinning and general lure fishing in the space to my right and the vacant peg to my left. No takes!

Back to the Tench swim for an hour, nothing!
A snooze, sandwich, coffee and a hundred thoughts and I felt really content in the light of the moon and stars.
Plus I should mention, no eeriness or quiet, no pitch black!
Maybe, because the M1 runs high above, with all its floodlights, on the bridge to my right and the aircraft from East Midlands Airport fly straight overhead!!! LOL.
Well I said peaceful, not quiet!

Perch, I thought, Small ones, must be some big ones! And its getting colder, so a bit of spinning with a small red spinner will keep me warm.
Second cast into the vacant left peg and WHAM.
A really lively take and of course, this was within 10 yards of a deadbait that had been lying their for 5 hours or so!
AND Pike dont feed after dark!

Well this 7lb 10oz one did and as you can imagine, all thoughts of packing up in the dark now were banished!
12.00 midnight came and found me with full waterproof gear on as the temperature had dropped sharply.
I slept in my chair from 12.00 to 1.00, only disturbed by the fact that I realised I had lost my new glasses, in the excitement of the Pike capture! No chance of putting away anything without light now!
1.0 Until 2.00 I spun again, 2 til 4 I slept again! Just sitting on my chair in the open air, it was beautiful!

The light came at 4.00 and I started fishing in earnest again.
During the night, the temperature had plummeted from 85 degrees to 45 degrees and boy was I cold when I woke up!
Must remember to sort out my new American bivvy before I attempt this again!
Everything was saturated by condensation, but I resolved to walk around the lake spinning and was soon warm.
There were some 6 to 8 other bivvys there, but most were sealed up and I was the only active one fishing.
Unfortunately, at sunrise, I could see that far from 5.00, which was when the suns rays hit the top of the lake, It was going to be 7.00 before it pulled me out of the shadow of the Motorway Bridge.
Unperturbed, I watched the water steaming and then took this picture of Tepees latest sending!


6 young this time!!!
Finally the sun dried all my carefully placed gear and I packed away contentedly
Moving my chair, I stood on my new and lost Glasses!!!

Happily I now have some old, bent, Glasses!
As I made my way to the car, I looked at Pride Lake, which Daz had recently emptied of fish and thought! Soon!
Pride Lake


Arriving home at 9.00, my wife Elaine said I dont believe this
What I said I told you I might stay out all night

You Bloody didnt she said (quite loudly in fact!) Ive phoned the Police, theyre coming out to see me in a minute!

As she picked the phone up to cancel their visit, I stuttered a bit and then blurted out, Well I did tell you Im off to Semer at 2.00 am tomorrow morning Didnt I



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May 9, 2002
trev i did tell you that ulley gulley was a spinning water beer-toast1.gif ......darryl

work`s for them who can`t fish


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Sep 18, 2001
Yet again a truly superb read Trev.
Have you ever thought of getting a pair of glasses with "Flexon" frames,these are supposed to be almost indestructable
(probably not Trev proof though) roflmao.gif
1 month to go to a new tench PB (fingers crossed)

Peter. jumpfish_e0.gif
Make Friends,Go Maggotdrowning.


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Aug 11, 2001

Your a star.

All your wrighting's are up there with the best but this one is the best read i can ever remember.

Thank you for the pleasure.

bonesing_e0.gif Fish with Friends @


Trev cracking report as usual,and good pics. 2 pike to boot
The last bit about the coppers, it could only happen to Zippy

i'm going fishing


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Aug 8, 2001
quote:As she picked the phone up to cancel their visit, I stuttered a bit and then blurted out, Well I did tell you Im off to Semer at 2.00 am tomorrow morning Didnt I


She loves you really,

Brilliant read and what we'd expect from our Roving Reporter

Regards, Dave


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Apr 12, 2002
Trev in a word BRILLIANT!!!



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Jan 24, 2002
hi trev
as ussual brilliant writeup you make us all feel as though we
were there

tight lines.
by the way ive got to ask what was her reply to the mention of semmer

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Adam S

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Mar 10, 2002

great stuff trev , so vivid , and well done on the pike.
good luck


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Nov 4, 2001
Trev wait till you have a pike take a still frozen bait on the drop then play tug of war with the drop off indicator as you try to set it its mind blowing. John

chill out go fishing


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Oct 5, 2001

Thank you,

As i live these moments by the water, I mentally write them and they almost become a compulsion to get down on these forums, despite things, like Semer and my minor disasters coming in between!
I am totally non artistic, or practical.
Can't draw, use tools and have never done anything like this before, except written successful Sales proposals!
So, Thanks for your comments, because, although I cringe at a lot of what I write myself and edit for ages sometimes, it is nice to get any sort of comment back and you are mostly too kind!

My Wife is a respected Staff Nurse at a Local hospital!
You will therefore forgive me if I refuse to write her reply!

Apart from which, Dave would have to edit it!, so I'll tell you when I see you!

I did get some small measure of my own back on my return from Semer though!
See the end of my Semer report!
Apart from ensuring my fishing with Daz tomorrow, the pain was nearly worth it to see her face LOL!

I am really lucky that she is so understanding!
Thanks again all and cya soon.


Ziptrev pug.gif Shouldn't happen to a DOG!

david platt

Jan 27, 2002
Hi Trev,
I have read every write up you have put on the forums since I started
on maggotdrowners, I think they are brill,and a laugh a minute also
informative, have you ever thought of writing a book about your fishing exploits it would have to be a best seller.
Thanks Ziptrev keep writing them, looking forward to the next



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Mar 17, 2002
see trev

what did i say at semer

there are them that can write and them that can not

you you have the gift

see yas later

wavinguy_e0.gif it isn`t the size of the tiddler that counts


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Oct 5, 2001
Thx again lads, I enjoy it as part of the total package that I refer to often!
So, as long as they dont make it compulsory for those that dont like them LOL, I'll try and continue!



PS I swear the inept disasters that keep happening are true! LOL
Ask poor Daz about those damn Bulls AND he's daft enough to come back with me on sunday!



Ziptrev pug.gif Shouldn't happen to a DOG!
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