An Unexpected shower


space cadet
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Apr 23, 2008
Its Been warm, down here on the Saxon shore, uncomfortably warm in reality

when Ive had call to be out and about over the last few days, its been proper sweaty pits weather

even yesterday, out on the canal fishing with that bit of breeze over my shoulder, It really wasnt the best for silvers bashing

(i fished too slow, as I didnt even break the pound barrier)

Tuppence worth had the idea earlier that himself and I should pop up to the top of the cliffs and have a wander through the green grass

seems a good idea mate, so duly packed the requirements in the haversack (michaels oh so trendy "Man bag") and off we went,

we watched the shipping in the worlds busiest stretch of water, the binocular long lookers picking out Pierre sat sitting looking the other way from Cap Griz Nez, waved and then noticed the large grey dramatic looking clouds scudding towards us,

by then it was too late, the precipitation caught us in the open, not a deluge, but a soft heavy shower, dampened the pair of us consideraby, but strangely, it felt nice, not cold, warm rain, big drops of it,

the oppresive dirty dust laden air that had been about, just dissapeared leaving that cool fresh atmosphere that smells so nice

felt like taking my kit off and running around nekked as a baby in it