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Mar 29, 2015
A lot of ya Know ive Followed this Band since 1977 seeing em every year since 79, i still have 4 tickets for the 2020 gig which i can use when they do the shows, here a Email i just received from em this morning. I love this Group.


I don’t think I’ve ever been so relieved to write, speak, or hear those words!

I think we can all agree that 2020 was not a bowl of cherries for any of us. Sadly, a lot of us didn’t make it through. For those of you immediately affected by the coronavirus, I send my deepest sympathy.

We were hit by it both personally and professionally. Everyone in the band either had it or had something like it. Ian even managed two bouts of it! Luckily, we’ve all come out the other side, and now that vaccines have been approved, we’re looking forward to 2021 with renewed optimism.

Looking back, 2020 started so well.

We all met up at the beginning of the year in Tokyo having flown in from points all over the globe. Everyone was looking forward to what was to be a pretty extensive touring schedule -- one of our busiest years in quite a while in fact, including some places we’d never been before. Already though, the shadow of the virus was on our radar. I’d been badgered into getting flu and pneumonia shots before leaving home and, of course, with hindsight, I’m incredibly glad I did. We played two shows in Tokyo on the same day and were due to fly to Hong Kong immediately afterward. But reports coming from that part of the world were not encouraging and seemed to be changing at a rapid pace. We heard from our travel agent that the airline we were using was stopping all flights from and to Hong Kong from the day after we were due to leave and that there was no guarantee that that wouldn’t change. The news from mainland China just seemed to get worse with every day. So much so that we had to make a decision between sets in the dressing room in Tokyo as to whether we would play the Hong Kong show at all. Weighing the options we decided on balance that we couldn’t run the risk of either getting stranded in Hong Kong and losing the rest of the current tour (due to go to Singapore, Australia, and New Zealand) or even getting ill and losing not just those dates but the following U.K. Tour as well. So, very reluctantly we decided to pull out.

The Tokyo shows were both well attended and really joyous affairs. It’s always great to play the first shows of the year and I really love Japan. The audiences were simply wonderful. We could say the same about the Singaporean audience, who were also incredibly receptive. Unfortunately, we had a multitude of technical problems that night and we only got to the bottom of it after we’d finished playing. But, as I said, both the audience and the local promoters were so friendly, enthusiastic, and welcoming that I hope we get the chance to go back for a “do-over” and show the folks there what the band is really capable of!

On to Australia, which has become one of our favourite places to play. Once again, great audiences (apart from a couple of idiots in Perth!) and wonderful promoters to work with. Brisbane is fast becoming a real SLF stronghold, for which we really thank you (especially as I’ve now celebrated my birthday there a few times so it’s great to be made welcome!)

The same goes for New Zealand. If there’s a more beautiful country on the planet, I haven’t seen it yet. And once again, an incredibly warm welcome. We all left after a fabulous show in Auckland feeling on top of the world, the U.K. and the March tour were up next…

…except, they weren’t.

The pre-tour ticket sales had been among the best we had seen in many years and we were really looking forward to touring with the Professionals and the great T.V. Smith. It turned out we were even rehearsing in the same place as the Professionals lads and Cookie and the guys stopped in to say “Hello” before we got started. Somewhat ominously, as it turned out, Paul said to me: “The tour’s looking great. Just hope we get to do it.”

Of course, as you all know now, we didn’t. Three shows in and that was that. For the good of everyone concerned, we had to call it a day and limp off home.

And here we all are now, January 2021. What does this year hold for all of us?

With regard to touring, hopefully much better news than last year. As things stand at the moment, vaccines are being rolled out worldwide and we wait to see what effect they have, and more importantly how quickly that effect takes place.

At this moment, we haven’t canceled or postponed the re-arranged March tour, simply because if there’s any chance at all that we can do it, then we want to. But, of course, we won’t be putting anyone at any risk by rushing. The same goes for anything else later in the year, and that includes a possible Belfast show in the summer, and by then I really hope we are almost 100% back to normal.

Now that's we've said goodbye to 2020 and "the tours that didn't happen" our remaining 2020 tour tees, hoodies, and badges are now on sale at half price, and 20% of those sales will be donated to the Integrated Education Fund in Northern Ireland. These items won't be printed again.
I hope you and yours all are and will remain healthy, and that we all get to meet up again as soon as possible. So again, HAPPY NEW YEAR!
on behalf of Stiff Little Fingers

Snail mail: Stiff Little Fingers c/o Siren Artist Management, 17234 Condon Avenue, Lawndale, CA 90260 USA​

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Jan 28, 2010
I got the same email. I have tickets too for the Newcastle gig from last hear. I would be surprised if it go's ahead.


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Dec 26, 2006
Great to know that they actually care about the people who are paying there wages . Not many if any would bother to send out emails in such detail . good for them .👍