Amazing Hallcroft.


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Jul 11, 2018
At one time today I was into a 15lb common on the pole. The hail-stones were hitting the back of my hands making them cold and dead, truth is I should have been in the car, sitting it out, as I often do. But the fish took, just as the rain and hail arrived, so what cab you do? Great day with three such big commons, two mirrors around 12/13lb and a single. I'd had some small male bream earlier in the day. They were easily distinguished with the little spawning barnacles on the nose, every fish had them. Wonder where the females get at this time of year.

Car sitting happens when it's really coming down, and only then. I do carry an umbrella but hate erecting it in such windy weather. Anyone fishing today will know what I mean, its so easy to lose one across the lake in such gale like conditions. I caught on worms, paste, and hard pellet. Home to roast leg of lamb, wonderful day fishing.