Allas it was not meant to be....


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Aug 8, 2001
Yesterday my annual rod licence expired and there I was thinking about renewing it but had more depressing thoughts on my mind.
In my Outlook diary, there is a reminder as if I needed one that @Peter and I were going to have a long weekend at Alders Farm this coming weekend...


It was booked earlier this year, and we were both really looking forward to it. Three days on the lakes, fish for pleasure or guest on a match, a few pints in the local pubs and maybe a meal out, alas it is not to be :crybaby2:

The caravan is all prepped ready to go, it has been on standby for a while, tackle all prepped and ready to use, which makes a change to be honest :D , but we'll be sat at home, a bit like a couple of belles without a ball :roflmao:

One day we'll return, one day :headbang:

Until then, swim safe my little Alders Carps



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Sep 18, 2001
Yep, always good to spend a few days at Alders, always come away from there feeling totally chilled ;) Not just the fishing but the whole atmosphere around the place.
We will return. :upthumb: