Alders lake, The Oaks, Sessay 1st may 2017


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Jun 1, 2011
hey guys ive booked a match onto alders lake at the oaks lakes sessay for 24 anglers on the 1st may 2017 mayday bank holiday monday for my 30th birthday any question just ask below lets get it filled and have a good days fishing

There is a 2 mystery pairs added to this match

A Mystery Pairs, (combined weight) you must weigh in regardless of low weight, if you tip back you will not be entitled to pay out. (In the event of a blank 0lb 0oz will be added to you mystery Pairs weight.

meet 8-8.30am cafe
draw 9am
fish 11am-5pm

10 pegging fees
10 pools
2 mystery pairs

1st 75
2nd 50
3rd 35

4 sections of 6
section 1 20
section 2 20
section 3 20
section 4 20

mystery pairs 48
(Pools are all based on 24 fishing)

A deposit of 10 i required to secure your place upon taken names

Deposits will be none refundable unless your place is filled by another angler

Deposits via PayPal gift too (please note, anyone not paying by gift will be declined)(also please state which match your payment is for)

1 martin craig (TheDaddy) (PAID)
2 Trevor Wilson (PAID)
3 dan bones jones (PAID)
4 George Corner (PAID)
5 Nathan Pattison (PAID)
6 Ann Petrie Bryan(PAID)
7 chris clark (PAID)
8 Liam Gallagher (boy george) (PAID)
9 Norman Hamilton (norm) (PAID)
10 David Barrett(PAID)
11 robert rundle (PAID)
12 martin bailey (PAID)
13 brian herbert (PAID)
14 David Herbert (PAID)
15 Jd Clarkk (PAID)
17 Ben keating (PAID)
18 terry naulls (PAID)
19 john naylor (PAID)
20 Philip birch (PAID)
21 Lee Tatters (PAID)
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Jun 1, 2011
hey guys just would like your input please i am thinking of doing a mystery pairs side pot of 2-5 winning pair takes all would u guys be interested so that would make pools 12-15


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Jun 1, 2011
can anyone who their name down too fish this match please send deposit via paypal gift on or before the 14th feb thank you


Apr 18, 2011
Few pegs left for the Bank holiday Monday in May at The Oaks Lakes if anyone would like too join us for a competitive but friendly match..... everyone is welcome
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Jun 1, 2011
I am running a football card on behalf of this match too help towards any additional costs of lake/peg fees if we dont fill the full 24 pegs and anymore money made past the peg fees will be added to pools of match so i personally wont be making any money off of this, i will be taking 5 teams myself marked of as match and if the wins then all of it will be added to match peg fees and pools but i wont take these until only 5 is left.

this is the only way i can think of to save the match from being cancelled, i did drop it too 20 anglers over 30 pegs but then had 22 booked on so had to up it again to whole lake now 2 have dropped out, and i dont want to look like i am messing the lake owner about.

Football Card
1 Per Team
60 Winning Team

Newcastle United - Tex - P
Aston Villa - Jemma Kirton - P
Manchester United - Jemma Kirton- P
Liverpool - Andrew Meadows - P
leeds United - Carl Shepherdson - P
Arsenal - Jemma Kirton - P
Barcelona - Tex - P
A.C Milan - Andrew Meadows - P
Bayern Munich - Linda Bratby- P
Ajax - Linda Bratby- P
Tottenham - Tex - P
Chelsea - Tex - P
Everton - Karl Hallam - P
Manchester City - Matin Bailey - P
Rangers - Karl Hallam - P
Sunderland - Jemma Kirton - P
Sheffield Wednesday - Carl Shepherdson - P
Birmingham - Martin Bailey - P
Celtic - Linda Bratby - P
Cardiff City - Terry Naulls - P
Blackburn - Kayleigh Elliott - P
West Ham - Karl Hallam - P
Southampton - Dan Jones - P
Coventry - Terry Naulls - P
Bolton - Mal Fox - P
Fulham - Karl Hallam- P
Wolves - Paul Newman - P
Leicester - Linda Bratby - P
W.B.A - Paul Newman - P
Hibernian - Paul Newman - P
Real Madrid - Liam Flynn - P
Marseille - Liam Flynn - P
Portsmouth - Liam Flynn - P
Q.P.R - Liam Flynn - P
Nottingham Forest - Liam Flynn - P
Lazio - Dan Jones - P
Derby - Terry Naulls - P
Stoke - Martin Craig - P
Juventus - Dan Jones - P
Borussia Dortmund - Terry Naulls - P
Middlesbrough - James Craig - P
Blackpool - Tex - P
Preston N.E - Linda Bratby - P
Hartlepool - Kayleigh Elliott - P
Norwich City - Terry Naulls - P
Reading - James Craig - P
Brighton - Mal Fox - P
Huddersfield - Carl Shepherdson - P
Bradford - Carl Shepherdson - P
Crystal Palace - Jemma Kirton- P
Sheffield Utd - Carl Shepherdson - P
Charlton - Dan Jones - P
Barnsley - Carl Shepherdson - P
Millwall - Karl Hallam - P
Motherwell - Ethan Craig - P
Bayern Leverkusen
Oldham Athletic
Doncaster Rovers - Carl Shepherdson - P
Swindon Town
Carlisls Utd - Liam Flynn - P
P.S.V Eindhoven - Liam Flynn - P
Colchester Utd - Liam Flynn - P
Exeter City - Liam Flynn - p
M.K Dons - Liam Flynn - P
Notts County - Dan Jones - P
P.S.G - Martin Craig - P
Plymouth - Jemma Kirton - P
Bristol City - Tex - P
Hull City - Carl Shepherdson - P
Bristol Rovers - Lee Hextall - P
S****horpe - Lee Hextall - P
Valencia - Lee Hextall - P
Ipswitch Town - Lee Hextall - P

payment via cash, bank transfer or PayPal gift too
Thank you everyone for entering

the card will be scratched of as soon as it is full and paid for a video will be made and posted on my facebook profile if anyone wants too add me
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Jun 1, 2011
there is 3 pegs remaining i only have my own keepnets but i can ask the lads for you if any good


Mar 14, 2014
yeah that would be great most matches I fish they provide the nets il pay my deoosit tomorrow mate how much is it all together please ?


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Jun 1, 2011
its 22 altogether 10 deposit 12 pools on the day i will ask some of the lads if they can spare any keepnets, do u only want on if i can get you nets?


Apr 18, 2011
Scott it's 22 all together but a 10 deposit is required via PayPal to reserve your peg.... I'll quite happily let you use one of my nets but you will need a bank stick with a screw head fitting or a keepnet arm