alders lake the oaks 1st may


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Jun 1, 2011
match on alders lake (whole lake) The Oaks Lakes Sessay

1st may the bank holiday monday

24 anglers

A deposit of 10 i required to secure your place upon taken names

Deposits will be none refundable unless your place is filled by another angler

Deposits via PayPal gift too (please note, anyone not paying by gift will be declined)(also please state which match your payment is for)

meet 8-8.30am cafe
draw 9am
fish 11am-5pm

22 all in
10 pegging fees
10 pools
2 Mystery Pairs

mystery pairs (combined weight) you must weigh in regardless of low weight, if you tip back you will not be entitled to pay out. (In the event of a blank 0lb 0oz will be added to you mystery Pairs weight.

1 martin craig (PAID)
2 Trevor Wilson (PAID)
3 Dan Jones (PAID)
4 George Corner (PAID)
5 Heed Pattinson (PAID)
6 Ann Petrie Bryan(PAID)
7 chris clark (PAID)
8 Liam Gallagher (PAID)
9 Norman Hamilton (PAID)
10 David Barrett (PAID)
11 robert rundle (PAID)
13 brian herbert (PAID)
14 David Herbert (PAID)
15 Jd Clarkk (PAID)
16 andy meadows (PAID)
17 Ben keating (PAID)
18 Tez Naulls (PAID)
19 john naylor (PAID)
20 Philip birch (PAID)
21 Lee Tatters (PAID)

4 pegs left first come first served
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