Alders Farm 22/09/02

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Mar 9, 2002
When you read thus post you will realise that Malc has been nowhere near this venue LOL.

There were thirteen of us fishing this predominently Carp Water. We were on pegs 2 through to 20. Although not perfect the weather was good with occasional showers. The fishing started at 9:00 and Iset up the pole at 10 meteres fishing Ton UpPellet on the bottom and was catching steadily although I was finding that I was pulling out of too many fish, but this seamed to be happening to the anglers on either side of me.

The Match had a very civilised breakfast break at 11:00 and we returned to fishing at 11:30. for the next hour I failed to get a bite and when looking around I realised the fish were up in the water so I set up a pellet rig 6 ins below my hook. The catch rate returned but the tangle rate grew -

Is this a normal problem when fishing such ashort rig? I was using a small Drennan Carp Float which was set by the weight of the pellet.

At the weigh in these were the weights. I cannot give you the guys names but if they read this and Email me I will add them. I have shown my own as it is the first time I feel I have really bagged up.

1st Peg 4 115lbs
2nd Peg 2 103lbs
3rd Peg 20 89lbs
4th Peg 6 82lbs
5th Peg 17 Tony Taylor 63lbs
6th Peg 5 Nick Jones 61lbs - Yes this was me

The majority of fish were Commons in the 1.5 to 3lb range but the man in third had a couple of larger fish between 8 and 10 lbs.

This venue is well worth a try as the fish are plentyfull and fight well.


Great info, great guys, great fun, thats Maggot Drowners


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Sep 18, 2001
Sounds like a good days fishing at an obviously "Malc free" venue.[:D]
When fishing short rigs tangles can be a problem.
It may help to use a small V roller on a sturdy bankstick or spraybar to make shipping out a smoother operation.Keep the pole tip under water as this also helps eliminate the bounce.
Alternativly,just use 1 ft-18inches of line and a hook,Just fish it normally,no need to "float" the pole.If they are having it they will hook themselves against the resistance of the elastic.


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Aug 11, 2001
Well done Nick great to read you done well
6th and 61lb great stuff keep it up.

Must admit as you say i've never visited Alders Farm (YET[;)][;)])

Glad to see that "The Jinx" has not rubbed off on you [:D][:D]

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scott essery

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Oct 16, 2001
well done Nick.

Great to see you bagging at last! [:)]

with the up in the water rigs i find tangles are a bit of a pain. you tend to be able to get away with much heavier rigs as the carp hit the bait fast and dont seem to 'examine it' so 0.16 and 0.18 are fine. the stiffer line helps and its quicker to get the tangles out.

the kep is to stop the tip of the pole jagging about so use 2 pole rollers if you can, keep the pole low and as soon as you can, angle the tip of the pole down, even ship it out with the tip of the pole under water so the rig wont bounce about.

But it sounds like you got everyting else right!! well done mate


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Sep 29, 2001

Glad you have done well and ignored my advice.

It was a while back that i fished it.Is it under new ownership yet as the lakes are for sale.


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