Aldercar Fishery


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Nov 6, 2013
Aldercar is fishery you have to persevere with. I’ve fished a few matches there and gone home saying “that’s it, I’m never going there again!”.

For most, the best thing about it is the big breakfast. Having said that, I won a match there last year on Railway dobbing on an fancied peg.

No breakfast today though as the cafe was closed 😢 so it was all on where you drew.

Today’s match was on Folly and looking at recent results on FB, I fancied a 20 something peg. Santa wasn’t playing ball (might have been naughty once or twice this year) so off to peg 5 I went, right end but on the wrong side.

I set up 4 rigs, 2 across, 1 on my 2+2 and 1 on my left margin.

To cut a long story short, I could see a bloke opposite catching well in the second half of the match as was a bloke on the end my side. I’d heard another bloke further up somewhere had also caught a few. I’d caught 3 carp and a few silvers I estimated at 10lb but wasn’t expecting to be anywhere. Almost didn’t weigh in but was curious to see where I’d be down the list.

When the results came in, I’d managed a section win and a few quid with 10lb 1oz 😬 The winnings will pay for 2 brand new floats I lost on snags. Just goes to show that at this time of year, it’s worth weighing in even if you don’t think you’ve done so well!