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Dec 1, 2009
i had a great fishing session after school yesterday.
i chose a peg that has a carpy looking margin at about 5m out my main attack was fishing on the bottom with luncheon meat and feed micros.
as soon as i put my bait in i was constantly getting nibbles from the tiny little roach but eventually the bigger roach moved in and i managed to get quite a few of them, and a couple of nice bream.

in the last hour i decided to just go for carp i put a small piece of floating crust on a size 16 and dropped it in near the lillies.
first put-in i hooked into a carp the my 12 elastic couldnt handle it just kept going and giong and then my line snapped[:0][:(!].
i thought i will have another go, you never know and then a pair of lips cape up and the carp hooked its self and i wasnt going to let this one go away, and after a fierce battle i landed him and he was abou 6-7lb's. i then had another one around the same size and the another about 4lb.
it just goes to show if you change your tactics even in the last hour it can make all the difference.[:T]
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