After advice for Badshot lea small pond


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Jul 15, 2019
Hoping for some tips and advice from any one familiar with the Badshot lea complex.

I fished Badshot Lea small pond yesterday for the first time and I found it way more difficult than I expected. The small pond is advertised as highly stocked match fishery, so I was a little disappointed with the 3 fish (albeit very nice fish, 2 nice bream and a double figure carp) that I managed to tease out of there.

The reason i post this is because 1, - i'm a novice and 2, I don't know the pond or what methods are going to work best so I figured some tips from those who know can help me with the learning curve on this pond.

Since I was limited on bait, only had sweetcorn and pellets & micros I started with one feeder rod on the method feeder and tried the float rod on sweetcorn for some smaller fish. So an hour went by, not even a line byte or a knock the second hour went by and still nothing but I did notice a couple of cormorants in my swim so maybe attracted some fish but the birds were scaring them off? I put the float rod away and switched it to a bomb and also fished out as far as I could with both the method and bomb (near the half way mark) and in the third hour I got a nice common to about 13lb after that it went a bit quiet but I persevered and in the last hour and a bit I managed a couple of bream ~ 3lb each all on the method.

So... Am I approaching this pond all wrong (I was on peg9, middle of the pond near the car park btw) or is this typical for this pond?

I was watching the other anglers and in all the time I was there I only saw 2 other fish caught, a couple of lads opposite (carp fishing) had nothing and a couple of guys turned up next to me, didn't seem to catch anything and then left after a couple of hours so I don't feel too bad, plus it was just great to be out fishing again. There seemed to be a lot of people heading over to the big pond but I'm not really geared up for 30lb + specimen fish so I think I should avoid that pond although I'd love a big bream or tench. When I can get some maggots I will deffo try the kings pond. I prefer to catch lots of fish rather than waiting all day for one large fish if you know what I mean, I've possibly been spoilt by fishing commercials last season (before the lockdown) where i'd usually manage up to 10+ large carp or more silvers than i can count in a typical 5 hour session in the spring/summer.

Thanks in advance guys