Adjustable Elastic Pulla Bung system for Drennan Acolyte 8m Pro Whip


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Mar 6, 2020
Advice sought for best way to adjust elastic when playing and espcially netting bonus fish on Drennan Pro Whip. Currently have No2 fitted with Drennan Aqua 4-6 and have landed carp to 6lb but not a comfortable experience with excess elastic when fish gets close in and powers off towards margin snags after shipping down to No3 as all I can then do is add back on extra sections to alter angle of attack. As I see it my options are to either get a Preston Side Pulla bung fitted professionally with protective carbon wraps to No 2 or No 3, or cut a Drennan Polemaster Pull bung tapered cone back until it fits inside No2 (or No 3 ?). Has anyone out there successfully fitted either of these options to this slimline whip ? Wondering if these would atually work in this whip as No3 is approx 13mm ID maximum and No 2 is approx 6.5mm ID maximum. So far only targetting Silvers with max 4lb rig line and 2-3 lb bottoms but would be interested to know what is the max size elastic I could safely use with this whip if I wanted to step up my rig a little. PS i dont have a proper Pole so just wondering what this lovely lightweight really slim Whip could handle if pushed !

Ken the Pacman

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Aug 24, 2015
You can just cut a Drennan puller bung to fit the end of the number 3 in the telescopic sections if you are careful, the section sits on the last ring of the part you can cut.
As far as elastic the heaviest I have used is 8/10 slik hybrid in mine