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Aug 8, 2001
Hi Everyone,

You will all have seen a few images added to peoples signatures and some of you will be wondering how to do it, well here's how:

  • Firstly find an image that you want to use in your signature. The golden rule here is to make sure that the file size is no larger than 10,000bytes because if it is there is a possibility that you will slow down the loading time of the posts for some as their browsers load your image, unless you have BroadBand like me

    You will need to Right Click the image and select 'Properties' to see it's Size, doing so will open up a window like this:
    Where you will see the image's info
  • Secondly, Copy the Address(URL) of the image. Make sure that you have permission granted to use the image as you will be linking to it and 'borrowing' some of that site bandwidth.
  • Then Click the 'Profile' link at the top, right of the forum. A page will open and you will see a text box asking for your Username and Password. If you are logged in they will be filled in, if not add them, then click the 'Submit' button
  • In the window that then opens you will see on the right a column called 'Basics'. At the bottom of this column you will see a box called 'Signature'.
    In this box you need to add your message that you want to see everytime you make a post such as 'I lurve MD's ' or your name
    Once you've done that, click your Enter button on your keyboard to move down a line (still in the same box).
  • Now you want to type in: [ img] and paste in the Address(URL) of the image.
  • After the Address(URL) you then need to type in [/ img]
  • Once you've done that have a look around your profile and add or change anything else that you want and then click the 'Submit' button
  • Go into the Playground forum and make a test post to see if you have got it right and away you go
  • Remember though to keep the byte size of the image down otherwise we will have to edit it

Enjoy, Dave

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