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Feb 15, 2001

To add a link to a site there are 3 ways of doing it:
  • Type in the URL - and it will link
  • On the 'Format:' row when you type your post, you will see
    , click this and inbetween the two tags that appear add the FULL URL -
  • Finally and the most complex is if you want to add a link but using words to show a description such as 'Click Here'. To do this you need to click
    and then in the first tag (url)include your FULL link but add a = before it and either side of it add the semi colons " ". Between the tags write your description ie Click Here.
    It should look like this: (url="")Click Here(/url)

Just to make sure you have done it correctly use the Preview button icon_smile.gif

Hope this helps, Dave
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