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Feb 15, 2001
Submitted by Alan:

The Ads State Ace Baits, Kents Premier Bait Company so I figured Id give their stuff a try.

Am I glad I did?
Hell yes !!

Lets start with a bit of history on the firm shall we?

Steve Tame is the owner of the company & to be honest hes a great bloke who uses his angling knowledge to the maximum when coming up with new (& sometimes weird) baits.

Steve started making baits about 10years ago but has been a serious angler for around 20years.

When Steve started to make regular catches on his baits he found more & more people asking for him to make them some of this bait he uses & as a result Ace Baits was brought kicking & screaming into the world of angling.

Steve was mainly a coarse angler but got into carp fishing in a big way, he is lucky enough to be able to travel to France a few times each year to fish for the big carp & cats over there (lucky sod) due to him supplying a French holiday firm with his baits.

When the chance arises Steve is now quite happy to fish for anything he can, which gives him a break from the day to day running of the company which (in his own words) can be a head banger when the seasons in full swing.

Now On To The Baits

When you have a selection of baits with names like those below youve just gotta try them havent you?

Mid-protein chocolate malt (the only problem with these is the smell made ME hungry never mind the fish)
mid-protein strawberry
Tutti Frutti
Crab+garlic fish mix
(thats just a few of the boilie flavours)

Then youve got the pop-up boilies
Fish Frenzy
Tutti Frutti
(More available)
A range of pellets from small to HUGE

The bait dips
Pure salmon Liver oil
Dogfish liver oil
(loads more available)

Now all the baits above I have tried personally & I would recommend them to anyone in fact why dont you give them a try for yourselves?
Ill put the link to the website at the end of this review.

The boilies are easy to use & stay on the hair for a long time even withstanding a real hard long cast.
The pellets are also easy to use although I did cheat & use bait bands instead of hair rigging them.

The gluggs (dips) are a good thick gloop not like some of the watery ones you can buy from the big names in the bait world & the best part of it is the gloop doesnt come off as soon a it hits the water, yes you get the tell tale slick on the surface but enough of the glugg stays on to do its job.

As you can see from the pictures below the baits do work Im not just saying this to get you to buy them, I mean if you dont buy some then I dont have to worry about whether Steve will have any left when I want some, but if you do buy some then Ill have to worry about the pictures on the site showing bigger fish than mine & as Im a moderator that wouldnt be on would it??

This first pic is of a 6lb carp caught on the pellets (11mm) dipped in the tutti frutti dip with a hand full of freebies thrown out as well.


This one is a 9lber caught on the fish frenzy pop-ups (two on a hair)


Now this little beut is a 23lber & as you can see I had to use my big net to land it with, she was caught on a mix of chocolate malt & strawberry boilies.


Well all I can think of to say now is give Steve a ring & see for yourselves whether or not his stuffs any good, Gwan Gwan Gwan you know you want to & I honestly cant see you being sorry.

Heres a link to his site: Click Here

Ok I suppose its only fair to tell you..

If you mention to Steve hell give you a discount on the stuff you buy & the more you buy the bigger the discount !!!!

Arent we good to you lot??

Tight lines all
Alan (Trogg)

Glenn Archer

Sep 16, 2002
I had a brief look at the site, but the details shown were very minimal. Needs an update me thinks.
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