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Aug 8, 2001
From the EA:

River users will get a unique opportunity to influence the way the Environment Agency manages its waterways.

Agency navigation and recreation managers are developing a wide-ranging draft strategy - "A Vision for the Navigable Rivers of England and Wales" - that will be available for public scrutiny from Wednesday 20 November 2002.

David Lawrence, the Agencys Head of Navigation and Recreation, said:
"The aim of the strategy is to promote the essential role navigation plays in the healthy development of the river environment.
"We want to show members of the public and organisations with an interest in inland waterways the value navigation can bring to their work."

The strategy will address a variety of complex but inter-related issues, including:

How to involve the community and provide a better waterways service to people
How navigation can play a pivotal role in developing partnerships between the public, private and voluntary sectors
How navigation can trigger economic and cultural regeneration in both rural and urban areas

The strategy will also look at other important issues surrounding navigation, identifying the distinction between the Agencys statutory role and general duties. It will ensure the Agency provides the highest possible standards in navigation.

Topics covered will include access, facility provision, commercial water freight, green fuels, licensing and information and marketing. A review of the Agencys approach to safety, funding and how it integrates its work with other policies will be included.

Mr Lawrence said: "Having published the consultation draft we will encourage colleagues, partner organisations, river groups and individuals to comment over the coming months.

"The feedback will allow us to produce a more tightly focused document, offering a measured and considered policy framework.

"Subject to general approval it will be adopted to provide a clear mandate for our navigation managers, helping them offer the widest benefits to river users."

Doc reference: 151/02

Contact: susanne.baker@environment-agency.gov.uk

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