A very chocolate stour


Fishing the stour dorset, most probably!
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Apr 13, 2020
I've had a short session today about 09:30-12:00 given the amount of rain we had yesterday in very short space of time was not expecting much.

As I pulled up in the carpark and saw the colour and pace of it did not like my chances thought feeder with worm, chose a peg sorry no picture, get myself set up knocked up a small amount sensas river, clipped a small drennan 20g plastic feeder on then clipped a 30g feeder on 20g was just to light, started chucking it out 5min casts had a rattle small roach, a few small roach later and an hour in thought bream not in my swim I had just picked up my rod to recast and thump thought weed (not seen a bite) then thump though I got one on. Only had one and one decent roach.
Chap fishing 5 pegs down had 6 or 7. I'm happy with one and a nice roach from short session.