A tail (pun intended) of two........


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Jan 19, 2013
In fact two tails in one?

Did only my second all night session Friday and this time sat at a social distance with a mate on next peg.
The peg is in fact a big double peg.
I arrived first and chose left peg leaving him the right knowing he always prefers that peg.
My left and his right hand rods went out to left and right features.
My right and his left both went across to the snags and once cast were a meter apart.
I fished a15mm crafty catcher tutti frutti and he fished a mainline 15mm frutella.
We actually compared the baits and the only difference seemed to be the mainline was softer.
When baiting up a few of mine and a few of his went array landing near each others spot but being all were technically the same flavour bait!
During the night he had three decent Tench all 5 to 6 lb whilst I had two carp and a bream - all the fish off that spot with left and right rods not getting a twitch.
We found that odd - but hey, that's the mystery of fishing. ?

The tale part two:
I mentioned this is only my second night fish of season.
So on the first one I had two carp and a bream, then the same the second time so a pattern is forming here.
Well get this - the bream and one of the carp were repeat captures over both sessions!
I could not believe it two sessions - six fish but in reality only four ?
What are the odds on that - then add in last time I fished the other end of the venue!

Cannot wait until next time! ?