A Really Mixed Week!

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05/10/01 - 18/10/02
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Oct 5, 2001
Since Fishing with Bob Roberts, my days have been filled and I have experienced new highs and lows, with never a moment to write a report!

Such is the state of my metabolism at the moment that Ill try and catch up now, 2.30 am Sat.14th Sept. (lucky guy that I am [:D])

Fri 6th saw a visit to the Hospital at Sheffield, forcing me to cancel my proposed trip to help the Skylarks, but allowing me the afternoon to spend in rig tying (with Boilies all hair rigged) ready to try and get Geoff a Barbel at Saturdays meet on TJs River Soar stretch.

Saturday dawned fine and I met Geoff and quickly set him up on Peg10 (where I had caught the stretchs record Barbel a few weeks earlier)
I then set myself up at peg 14, but rather than fish, took my chair back with me, to have a chat with my mate!

Here he is in this idyllic setting.


Geoff had spent Friday with the Skylarks (see his report) and was full of the news.

He was proudly wearing a new T-shirt that the Skylarks sell, commemorating his day with them and I looked forward to meeting him and assisting myself at the Derby Grammar School venue on the Sunday!
Heres Geoff with his T-Shirt


There was a strong and cold wind blowing downstream and putting a float through was difficult in Geoffs peg.
As we talked, I became aware that I was feeling unseasonably cold and feeling very tired!
I decided to shelter in the car for a while and then promptly fell asleep until around 3.30pm!

The sky had grown dark, so Geoff joined me in the car. The heavens opened and we sat chatting away in torrential rain for nearly 3 hours!

The upshot was that Geoff had only caught 1 fish on a low River, I had a load of wet kit and yet never a wet line! And still I had a great day in company with my MD friend.

Sunday 8th saw me waken by the alarm buzzing and feeling as bad as yesterday.
Quickly texting Geoff and Brian my apologies, I returned exhausted to sleep and did not rise until 1.30 pm!

Conversely feeling Great and raring to go!

I phoned Geoff at about 5.30, catching him on his long journey back, deliberated over my lost time and then resolving to catch up, 6.00 saw me speeding down the M1 to the PAD Waters.

Settling in to Swim 2 again, I decided on an all out Barbel attack, as the light was fading and the Perch would soon stop feeding.

At 9.15, on my 2nd rod (1st take on this 1 for ages) I had a typical violent bite.
The subsequent careful playing and allowing the fish time after my initial heaving of him away from Peg 2s snags, saw me land this lovely fish.


Weighing in at 5lb 9oz, this was not my double! but a lovely unmarked fish.
These Barbel all seem never to have been caught before!

The mouths are clean and unmarked and they are scale perfect!
So unlike the Carp I have seen coming out of the pay lakes.

Then I started to fish badly!
Standing on and crushing 2 of my prepared hooks!
Having a second run at 11.45, but unable to stop the run before it reached the snags and shed the hook!
Finally a 3rd run at 1.15am and then having that one snap the rig at the hook tie end, when I was so sure I had tied them all perfectly, with Bobs recommended T6 size 7s and I can only hope that was a Pike.
The weather was forecast as cloudy all night, but by 12.30 we had a clear sky and it became damn cold!
The river was also; if anything, even lower than before!

Monday dawned and I set off home, after sleeping for 2 hours in the car, but again, sleep became a necessity on my return and I slept through until 11.pm, missing my PAD monthly meeting!

However, Tuesday at 7.00 am and I collected Darryl for the match at Pot Kiln, the venue where my car was broken into on our last visit!

This was a 3-cornered special event between PAD, Kingfisher (a small club for the disabled run by Jan Porters dad, Terry) and Notts. AA disabled section.

I drew peg 3, with Ray (our Treasurer) on Peg 4.
He had fished this very peg in a practice on Saturday and caught between 40 and 50lbs!

We fished 9-3, our 1st 6-hour match and I ended up with 2lb 13ozs!
The only satisfaction I had was that Ray only weighed in 1lb 4ozs!

Darryl at the other end fared better with 11lb plus, but that was not enough as 33lb from the windward corner won, being fished by a helper, who blatantly ignored the hands on rules that his charge should have adhered to, but what can you say!

Certainly, the only one who suggested disqualification was Terry Porter, his captain! as it had occurred before.

Wednesday I treated as another badly needed recuperation day and during it I received 2 more summonses to medical appointments, which I made for Friday.
This, thankfully, was at least local at the Ashgate Hospice, for the Physio to fit me with a neck brace and the Dietician to try and improve my eating!

I was curious to visit the place anyway, because, when the fishing has to stop, this is where I am booked into!

So, Thursday was all that was left for me to fish!
Not my usual style of Trent River fishing, an all-nighter was out because of Fridays appointments, so I resolved to arrive earlier than usual, try for a Stickfloat/Livebait session for Perch and fish until midnight for Barbel/Chub.

3.00 saw me happily catching Perch and small chub on the Stick at Peg 7.
Yes, I had decided to try Marks Peg in his holiday absence and perhaps hit the 7 and 8lb Barbel we had caught a few weeks ago.
The river was up, rising and coloured. Warm at between 61 and 64, I had high hopes of Barbel.
Furthermore, the swim is less snaggy and I needed to try my rigs in open water, to reassure myself that I was tying them correctly.

I never got to fish for the big Perch
All the Perch and chub I caught on the stick were 6 ozs plus, too big for livebait so by 5.00, I gave up as the dusk comes on near 7.00 now and I wanted to pack away all surplus kit for my pending departure just after midnight.

I had fed 1 pint each of Hemp and American Buckwheat on arrival, to form a bed and by 5.30 was fishing 2 rods in my normal style, the first 2 from the margin and the second just a rod length out.

Both were on feeders, filled with 4mm pellets and 2 or 3 sillybait 10mm offerings, whilst the bait was hair rigged 15mm Mistral Boilies.

At 5.45pm it happened.
Nearside rod, furious tip jerk, buzzer screaming denoting a lovely baitrunner run and the fish heading downstream, out to the snag free centre of the river.

Knowing it was a Barbel; I picked up the rod, wound once to disengage the baitrunner and was happy to feel the clutch allow line, denoting a fair fish.
Stopping her, then turning her, I became apprehensive as she refused to come to the net!
(Incidentally, in clearing my car for the Pot Kiln venue to avoid anything showing and being stolen, I had of course forgotten to reload my specimen net and was relying on the standard one)

Making ground slowly, I finally applied enough pressure to bring her to the top!

Then I began to panic!

She was bigger than anything I had seen before!
Would the hook hold?
Could I net her ok?
Was she actually my 1st double?

I panicked even more when I 1st introduced her to the net!
The plunge she gave was too quick for the clutch to respond and one hand on the net left my rod arm weak enough to slam round and almost point at her, but luckily, the clutch gave line before I reached that awful angle.
2nd attempt to net, same result, so I put the net down for 2-3 minutes and let her swim off some more fight.
After a few more minutes, I tried again and after 3 more tries, I was able to drop the rod and seize the landing net with both hands!

As well I did, as a nasty cracking sound told me the handle was not up to the weight!

Grasping the metal ring in one hand, I heaved up the fish and picking up the rod again, made my way well clear of the peg and into the meadow.

And here is that elusive Fish


Was She my 1st double?

I quickly unhooked her and weighed her.

No, She wasnt a 10, much, much better!

I had by-passed the 10 as the Scales show!

She weighed

11lbs 5ozs


Quickly I took a self-portrait photo for the record and putting her back in the net, lowered her into the water.
Happily, the only problem she had was in reverse gear! As she kept trying to swim through the net!
Soon however, I was able to ease the net over her head and she glided back into the depths.

The cost? quite a lot.
Well, immediate mobile calls to my sons in Germany, Northern Ireland, and the wife!
All mount up[:D]

But She was worth it!


Before the phone calls however, I had rebaited and re-set both rods and was rewarded at 6.55pm with another run.
Practically anything now was likely to be an anti-climax, but I was well pleased with this fellow, again in pristine condition and weighing 3lbs 10ozs


I felt this too deserved an attempt at a self-portrait!


Darkness fell and I had to wait until 10.55pm for the next bite.

This produced another fast run, but inwards to the reeds and snags!

Obviously a chub again, but in trying to turn him quick, I had no time to knock rod 2 down, so of course he snagged it.
Still, with heavy Barbel gear, he was soon in the net and no major tangle occurred.

This one was even better at 4lb 6 ozs, just 11 more needed to break my PB here.


Interestingly, both chub felt somehow thin in comparison to their normal muscularity and I feel both will pack it on approaching winter.

All my fish had taken the Boilies, so, as it was now approaching 11.30 and I needed to leave soon, rather than unwrap and exchange another rig, I baited up with Archie Braddock flavoured Meat.

The result was almost too quick!

At 11.35pm another run and on lifting into it, unmistakeably another Barbel!
Playing this one with the confidence I was now regaining, I quickly landed this 5lb 15 specimen.
(Quickly in comparison only, as it still made 3 runs at the net!)


Just after midnight, I reluctantly called it a day, packed and journeyed home, well content.

As usual, after a day in which I finally succeeded in my double ambition, I have experienced a setback, feeling ill all day!
After my trip to Ashgate (nice place), I returned home intending to prepare for Saturdays PAD match!
Slept most of the day away, cancelled going at 8.00 pm and finally woke feeling better and able to write this at around 2.00 am this morning.
Now Im hoping to be fit enough to visit Tony and the N.E. boys on Sunday.

Wish me Luck [:D]


PS as I post this on Monday after the picture base has returned, Ive just had a phone call to go to Northern General at Sheffield for a full Gastroscopy on Wednesday morning! So as thats messed up my plans for the week, Im off to the Trent again for the night!



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Aug 8, 2001
Geesh 11lbs 5oz !!! Nice fish Trev and nice to see your posts once again.

Looks like the 'MyPhoto' upload is working, I was just about to test it

All the best, Dave


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Mar 17, 2002
nice on trev
(good to see you again on sunday)

see yas later

Simon R

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May 19, 2002
Congratulations Trev

Knew you'd crack it eventually!

One thing I have noticed about the barbel from the Trent, they are a lot fatter than equivalent fish from up here in the frozen north. I've had an 8lb fish from the Swale which was probably the length of a double but was considerably leaner.

Or is it just that you're fattening them up ready for the Trent fish-in?

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Apr 12, 2002
Trev had mailed me to say he'd a special posting and was waiting for the photo thingy to be working again after the site update!

and I'd half guessed he'd got his double but 11lb.5oz. what a tremendous fish.
and I think like everyone else who have enjoyed the enthusiasm Trev has shown us in his posts of his barbel exploits this season I would like to congratulate him on this special fish,

Here's to the next one! thumbsup.gif beer-toast1.gif



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Aug 11, 2001
Well worth the wait Trev cracking read and picture's. thumbsup.gif thumbsup.gif

Fish with Friends @ MaggotDrowning.com

Geoff P

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Dec 2, 2001
Good one Trev my old mate.

I really enjoyed the Saturday afternoon on the Soar, or would that be sitting by the Soar.

I hope to catch you last weekend of the month, BUT car is really playing up and I don't think it will make a round trip to Derby area. Will let you know.


thumbsup.gif Geoff

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May 9, 2002
well done trev it`s great to see you finely catching that double barbel and can only hope you catch many more because the thrill never go`es



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Sep 18, 2001
Congratulations Trev,
Superb report as always,What a smashing looking fish.
You've just got to catch it's Mum & Dad now

Peter. jumpfish_e0.gif
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Jan 24, 2002
hi trev
well done mate a brilliant fish that you trully deserve & as usual a brilliant write.
im getting sicker every day LOL my time will come

tight lines.
talk fishing flip football


05/10/01 - 18/10/02
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Oct 5, 2001
Thanks all,
I honestly believe there are several more doubles patrol that stretch!

I'll try and find some more!



Ziptrev paw_prints_e0.gif Enough! I'm off!

Dai Fish

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Dec 23, 2001
Well done mate, what a fantastic report, what a cracking fish, can you reserve one of them for me at the fish-in lol.

See you soon mate

Dai Fish


Sep 2, 2002
Congratulations trev just read about your exploites with the 11lb 5oz barbel nice one mate 1 of many to come I hope. Looking forward to meeting you at the trent fish in and to glean some tactics and rig info off you if permissable lol, take care and look after yourself.


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May 29, 2002
Well done Trev

Bonza fish

Excellent pics too (are you any relation to David Bailey?!)[:)]

Keep on Hookin baby


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Andy J Lockwood


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Jul 5, 2002

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