A random request, vehicle wrapping - is it possible?

Dave Spence

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Feb 19, 2017
Just empty it every night and leave the doors wide open


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Aug 8, 2001
I personally wouldn’t. The van/ vehicle has to be extremely clean into every nook and cranny. The wrap may look great when first done, if it’s done well. But after a few years the corners start to lift, and perhaps bubble. Then it starts to fade and looks terrible. A lot of the vehicles you see wraps on are on 3-5 year lease. They are gone before they need redoing, or look tatty.
Was only thinking for a month or so :)


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Nov 30, 2015
I wouldn't put pictures of fish on the side... its just advertising you're an angler... more likely to get some scally try and get in to see if theres gear in it


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Jul 25, 2021
I've got a Hilux with a commercial hardtop on the back of it, basically no side windows or glass which is what I wanted for security reasons.

What I'm after doing is putting a vinyl wrap, or similar, on the side panels to make them look like dark tinted glass, purely to take the commercial vehicle look off it before using it for lugging all our stuff and my fishing tackle away on holiday, as it won't all fit in the missus car with Winston as well and I'm sure he won't be too happy if we left him behind :)

Now bouncing around my head are several ideas....

- Plain black to emulate smoked glass
- A translucent black with an image behind that resembles people sat on a bus :D (to give the effect of rows of people sat in the tub lol)
- As above but rows of dogs sat on a bus - why not be different :D
- Finally, again a translucent black to make the panels look like tinted glass, and images of fish swimming (to give the effect of a tank full of water with fish in the back)

..... does anyone know if the 2nd, 3rd and 4th options are doo-able and if so where or how I could get the images from?

To give an idea of the hardtop and panels, this is what I have at present...


this is the same canopy with glass side windows, the effect I want to create....


Something akin to this.... behind a translucent black


Or this behind the same translucent black...


PS - No I haven't been drinking :D
OMG I'm not the only one with a couple of screws loose! 😃

On a serious note....

When i insure my truck they always ask/tell me to declare any stickers or decals on the truck.
(Not sure why? Maybe because its classed as a commercial vehicle?)

Probably won't be a problem but knowing insurance companies it will be a loophole for them voiding you police if you don't declare it to them


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Sep 22, 2020
You do indeed have to notify the insurance company as it is classed as a modification. Be prepared to fork out more that the mod is worth and costs to do though @Dave