A Practice before Sunday


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Oct 23, 2018
A quick practice session before Sunday’s match. Farleigh Wood Fisheries in deepest darkest Wiltshire. Bait table was dead and live pinkies and dead and live maggots, gb was last Sunday’s leftovers consisting of green special G, caster and micros. Plumbed up 2 lines 13m and top 2 plus 2. Fed both lines with a small ball and tried dead reds on the hook, nothing on either line. Changed to 2 pinkies on a size 18 and started catching eyes and stripes. Then the surprise, a very slow bite and I thought I had hooked a branch or the bottom. I must have had 5 metres of middy 4-6 above the water and it started moving. Finally managed to land a carp of 15 lb 7 ( next doors scales). Carried on for another few hours and ended up catching some decent roach. Final tally about 8lb of silvers and the carp. I could only get a bite on dead pinkies, weird !!


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